Peugeot 308

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The new 308 will replace, you guessed it, the 307…

If it looks close enough to this illustration, it might just be the best looking car in the segment.
Making the Euro Focus and especially the Golf, look like they came out over 10 years ago.

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  1. Notice that the front goes way beyond the front wheels, that results small wheelbase and smaller passenger space; if the 308 will resemble this illusration it will mean that like it’s bigger sister, the 407, the 308 will be one of the least roomy cars in it’s class

  2. Why are all the manufacturers moving towards the sideview mirrors attached to the door panel instead of up on the window area?


  3. Well, because if you notice how far ahead the end of the side window is at the A pillar…that would be too far forward for the side mirror.

    I do think the front end is a bit too long in relation to the rear overhang.

    The first Ford Focus had this appearance too, but this is far worse.

    Maybe the strict new European pedestrian standards are causing this?

  4. most new car designs have large front overhangs these days. is it to keep the engine out of the passenger compartment? peugeot certainly makes nose-heavy, but very safe cars though.

  5. Well being FWD obviously has some impact on the overhang…the Engine goes in front of the front axle. That said, Peugeot are particularly bad at minimizing front overhang.

  6. Is it the 207 or the 307 that they will keep in production when its replaced by the 2/308?

    This car looks like its god ALOT going on. I’ll admit that I never have been a Pegeot kinda guy, Citroen is more my thing, and maybe Renault, but this one I find particularly bad. The front has so many details, while the rest of the car is sorta plain. Not a big fan of that gaping mouth either.

  7. Yes, that’s another super-overhangitis from Peugeot. Do they have a parking curbs at egrh 7/11s over there ? Front part of the side window does not go down, so the mirror has to be pushed back and a little pillar is out of clear view. Never liked Peugeots, won’t change anytime soon…

  8. If they tweaked the front end, this thing could be great.
    We won’t see it in USA, though.
    Hey, any maker that builds a decent 3 door these days can’t be all bad.
    Get tired of seeing 5 doors that look like what we used to call Station Wagons, and the few 3 doors we have are tC, Tiburon, Eclipse, Accent, and Maybe a return of the 3 door Civic, I read.
    Not many choices.
    We need more choices, more 3 doors!

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