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Saturn has announced pricing on the all new Aura.

Two models will be available, XE and XR.
The XE will cost $20 595 and will include a 3.5 liter V6 engine (200 hp in the G6) with a 4 speed auto.
And pretty much everything power.

The XR will be $24 500 and has a 3.6 Liter V6 (Similar to the 255 hp in the CTS) with an all new 6 speed auto.
With 18 inch wheels and even more stuff.
Options include leather seats and a panoramic sunroof (Similar to the one in the G6 sedan)

These are actually really good prices. I remember when the concept was unveiled a while ago, GM mentioned the Acura TL as competition.
That would have put the Saturn well over $30 000.

But at around $27 000 for a loaded model, it might not be so bad. But still very close to a loaded Camry or Accord. And you can routinely get at least $3000 off on these cars.
Which makes the “no haggle price” Saturn more expensive than proven and established players.

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  1. no doubt the camry and accord sales will drop after this comes out
    another great american fighter

    i predict camry and accord will desintegrate in a few years pushing honda and toyota to rething their presence in the us market

  2. ohhh NEWS FLASH, camry and accord models are literally falling apart while driving down the road, Toyota and Honda at the same time are making very good cars go real bad, just like girls gone bad but with cars, now both honda and toyota are thinking about pulling out of the american car market and shutting all there assembly plant’s here… GM , Ford and a man named DOUCHE FAG BONES are very happy about this new situation, and the Monte Carlo becomes number 1 in sale’s !!!! especially in modesto calif. the number 1 spot to steal a car in the nation ! hope they steal your pinto PONY douche fag !

  3. I really like the new Aura. I’m not liking the pricing scheme and wonder just how long Saturn’s no haggle pricing policy will hold-up. GM has so far held their ground on that policy but I wonder how long the General will be willing to keep it. They are in fierce competitive segment and price, value and reliability are what moves a lot of new iron.

    Like I said I really like the Aura but remain competitive I see rebates in the future.

  4. I wish Saturn the best, and it’s new lineup is promising, but I’m already tired of this car’s design. Too much publicity, too much hoopla, too much too soon.

    Vince, please delete uncivil posts calling people f*gs. They have nothing to do with cars. Thanks.

  5. Honestly, I don’t see what all the hype is about. Im very excited to see the new GM cars that are coming out, but this is probably one of the weakest. The design is so bland and uninspired, I don’t see how it can compete unless it is really cheap.

  6. forget this saturn if the aura has more power than the cts i hear 263, i can imagine how much power the cts will have it has to have over 300

  7. Vince, you need to work on your writing skills…seriously. Like in the Delorean post, you mention a partner (PARTNER TO WHOM????????)…

    And by the way, no one routinely gets $3000 off on Accord or Camry. You can look on for new car prices that are adjusted to the lowest possible price based on vehicle demand: they will sell cars at invoice if they are less popular, but Accord and Camry are some of the few cars that actually sell at MSRP. Additionally, in most markets in the United States (outside of metro areas in populous areas) dealerships use something called “Adjusted Market Value” to add an additional cost to the vehicle. Most of the time they take that off and just sell at MSRP, but leave it on for dumbies and the like… When the new Rav-4 came out in my area, it had a $5000 market value adjustment. The new Camry and Accord have $2000 adjustment. The Kia Spectra has $1200 adjustment. The Honda Civic Si has $3000 market adjustment, and they absolutely will not take it off no matter what, or even allow you to test drive the car before buying it, by the way…

    So what you said is inaccurate. The Saturn will still sell for less, when comparing content… You can’t compare a Saturn Aura with a glass roof to an Accord with a basic sunroof… You can’t compare a Saturn Aura with OnStar to a Honda Accord with no telematics even available. You can’t compare a Saturn Aura with style to a car that doesn’t have style (hahahahahahaha)

  8. Excuse me, but you CAN test drive Honda Accords and Civic Si’s because I have done so once before last month. I took off of work just to go see what Honda was made of these days and let me just tell you I was extremely impressed with these cars. The quality, the refreshing simplicity of the designs, and the surprising muscle of the Accord V6 6-speed. I was impressed by all means. I then drove a new Lexus IS350 and did love the car, but I think it is a little on the over rated side. I also drove a Cadillac CTS and liked it, but it felt cheap and unrefined. So don’t go bashing honda’s cars if you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. I agree the past cars have been a bit bland, but Honda has upped the game. And sales are BOOMING. And what’s up with the back end of this car being identicle to the Pontiac G6’s?? It’s not a bad design, but come on… originality? At least Honda has that.

  9. i think its great they are keeping the prices fairly low. under 25 for an almost fully loaded model isnt bad at all. i just hope that if there is a high demand for this product, they increase its production and dont increase its price, like they are doing to the SKY. some dealers in ny are putting prices up 3-5k more then the msrp because of high demand/low production. if GM wants to improve their brands, they need to start working on alot of these types of problems. just putting out new car models isnt going to solve their problems.

  10. While I’m excited about the new Saturn lineup, I’m not quite sure of the positioning of the brand. In an offhanded sort of way, it seems as if GM is creating another Oldsmobile brand. Solid cars (Sky) but not a tight theme or affiliation across the models/brand.

  11. GM seems to be recreating Saturn to put a fresh face on its newest vehicles. That’s probably a good idea given the extent to which brands like Buick and Pontiac have fallen out of favor even though those cars are generally good.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Saturn is positioned in its advertising. The silly, ION ads aimed at people so young that they’re more interested in video games than real cars did more harm than good.

    Now, Saturn must grow up and be the brand that puts GM back on people’s car shopping lists.

  12. The mistake with this car… why 2 six cylinders? If you really want to play in the midsize segment you need to have a six cylinder yes… but the majority of Camrys, Accords, and Altimas that are sold (and one of the biggest reasons they sell in the volume they do) is they have workhorse 4cylinders that get the job done for 75% of their buyers, and with the fuel economy issues that are now arising Honda and Toyota have seen an even bigger shift to the 4cyl models… Altima for instance is almost 80% 4cyl.

    This car should have the ecotec 2.4L with 160-170hp and the 3.6L as the option… this 4cyl would make price of entry more attractive and cater to the buyer for the segment…

  13. I agree with the above post saying that today’s 4 cylinder cars are vastly improved and always worth a look unless you’re carrying heavy loads or pulling a trailer.

    My ’04 Accord EX-L has the 4 and it’s fast and smooth–no regrets about buying the 4 over the V6.

    Not sure if GM’s 4 cyl is the right choice for the Saturn Aura, though. That engine in the current Malibu is capable, but not nearly as smooth as the Honda Accord 4 cyl engine.

    Also, the GM V6 is said to get BETTER gas mileage than the 4 in a Malibu and would likely be the same in the Aura. So for gas economy in a mid-sized GM car, the V6 is better.

    If Saturn buyers want 4 cyl economy, best they wait for the next (and probably Opel-based) ION.

  14. Douchbag Jones makes me laugh.

    Here’s a guy who lives in Modesto and drives a Monte Carlo.

    Could there be a better example of a two-time loser?

  15. Apparently, they’re adding a 4-banger about a year into production. So, sometime in Summer 2007 you can expect to see the Ecotec 2.4

  16. I think the main reason a lot of Camrys, Accords and Altimas are sold with 4s and not V6s has a lot more to do with price than fuel economy, even now. An Altima V6 for example starts at $23600. Plus while some people may be able to haggle the price down, I can’t imagine there are a lot getting anywhere near the $3000 some people claim. Some people don’t like to haggle, and what’s the point if you’re going to end up paying it back through higher financing costs? The 3.5 in the Malibu (yes I know, not the exact same engine) is rated at 22/32, which is comparible to the competitions 4s, and topped only by the Accord and Camry 4 cyl, and only by 2 mpg. The Impala’s 3.5L V6 is probably a better indicator (it’s the same 3.5L VVT, but with less HP), and it’s rated at 31/21, still not bad, and it’s a bigger and heavier car than the AURA. The concept of getting more for one’s money resonates very strongly with the buying public, and an AURA V6 priced along the lines of the 4 cyl competition and coupled with Saturns top-notch, highly-rated customer service should do nicely. For anyone who must have a 4cyl midsize (and I can’t imagine why), there’s the upcoming Greenline version.

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