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it will be official tomorrow.
Daimler Chrysler has finally decided to bring the Smart in the US next year.
By then the model you see on this picture will have been redesigned…

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  1. What does it matter to us if the Smart is redesigned next year. We always get Europe’s leftovers anyway. Look at the Golf/GTI. We haven’t even gotten the new Focus yet.

  2. I saw a smart in Canada last year. I have always thought it was a cool car. I think there is a place for this vehicle in this country.
    It should be strickly an urban vehicle. Would scare me to see them out on the interstate!

  3. it may be ok on roads of speed that does not exceed what, 45 MPH/in town?
    On 55-65+ MPH highways?
    Not me!
    I got some what nervous in the Kia Rio!

  4. mother of god, Chrysler is insane!

    Nevermind what a Nissan Aramada doing 55mph, will do to this little egg carton.

    What kind of people will actually buy this? that’s right, no one.

  5. Hrmm…. Daimler has lost almost 3 billion bucks on Smart since the launch. And with the ridiculous gas price these days, the time is ripe to tap the U.S. market to get themselves out of the bloodbath.

    I doubt Americans will buy tipsy looking 2-door model Vince posted, but keep in mind, Smart has other models too.. like the much bigger 4-door model and of course the nifty Roadster.

    I doubt we’ll get the 1.1 or 1.3 liter or any of the disel. That leaves 1.5 liter 109bhp engine… i guess kind of like the Scion xb and xa engines.

    Hey I’d say bring em on. We got enough badgewhores yuppies.

  6. I don’t understand your concern about smart’s safety. It is actually one of the safest compacts. There is no need for a rollcage because the whole car is a safety cell made of high-strenth steel.

  7. I’d prefer a little more car around me. It might be well built, but seeing one bounced around like a kids toy in a crash test video wasn’t all that reassuring.

  8. i do believe that the smart is the only mass-produced car where you can simultaneously put one hand on the windscreen and on the rear glass window

  9. the smart has a top speed of around 80 MPH with the 1.3 litre engine, but if you add performance modifications or go for the 1.5, you could easily go 100 MPH, although that seems somewhat suicidal. i do wish smart would change the transmission because the one in mine failed twice and is horribly rough.

  10. two of these would probably fit in one single lane on a u.s. interstate. would that qualify it as a motorcycle or give it access to a carpool lane?

  11. I drove on around Europe for three weeks. Great car for in the city, scary on highways. What the steep hills, you will need some time getting up them. NO storage to speak of.

  12. Oh god. Just like the Challenger, they keep attempting to “tease” us with this car to drum-up interest. Well, this is overhyped. I’ve never driven one, but I can’t imagine that it’s a fun car. It’s not a practical car. It’s not a profitable car. It’s not a safe car for American roads. No responsible parent will buy this for thier teenager. It will flop after the initial wave of popularity.

  13. The last comment is absolute BS. The smart is one of the most practical city cars out there (60+ mpg, easy to park, etc.), not to mention one of the safest (it’s other American drivers who are reckless I have seen many smarts on the autobahn and autostradale), and because it only fits two passengers, it ensures that your teen won’t face the risk of too many passengers and therefore less distraction. The smart is also one of the most fun cars I have driven (especially in Brabus form), mostly because of its dimunitive size and weight.

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