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I don’t see anything new on this one. but it is very low to the ground. It is obviously testing something, but what?

A mule for something else?

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  1. With any luck, its a test mule for an upcoming SVT Fusion model. They need to lose that wing though, spoilers look lame on sedans. I’m not a huge Ford fan, but I gotta say, the Fusion is one hot looking car.

    I’m hoping they’ll drop the Mazda 2.3L turbo 4 cylinder in that that thing, and that the mainstream model gets the 3.5L V6.

  2. I agree with the above poster – it’s most likely the SVT Fusion. While the 2.3L turbo 4 would be nice, what about a more powerful 3.5L V6 of maybe 275-300 hp or so? And yes, that would make an already attractive sedan even more so.

  3. Agree with above poster and hope it will be AWD too! Btw, I drove a Fusion rental car and must say it is a very nice car! 100 times better than the car it replaced… assuming it’s the Contour, right?

  4. it isn’t really a fusion. it is a mule for an upcomming Lincoln coupe being tested underneath a Fusion’s body. Similar to what Nissan is doing with the G35coupe and GT-R

  5. i think its just a regular fusion with a heavy load in the back, as the wheels seem to sag. why would a test mule have the windows down and no camouflage? the fusion and the five hundred were the two vehicles which replaced the taurus.

  6. as much as i dislike ford, that looks pretty sweet, good to see they are copying their japanese competitors and improving

  7. maybe it’s just a regular joe who lowered his fusion, painted his rims a darker color, and put some black tape as racing stripes..

  8. uhh guys? Tape? I don’t see tape… i see reflections of poles or something… and maybe they just got some dark rims, added a spoiler, just bought a brand new television that weighed down the trunk, and rolled down the windows cause ford’s are crappy and who knows if the air conditioner had already blown on the damn thing.

  9. the blurred out license plate is a michigan m-plate (manufacturer’s plate), so this isn’t somebody’s personal vehicle with blacked out rims, spoiler and a TV in the back.

  10. I blurred the license palte myself. I didn’t want to get the guy in trouble.
    All I can tell you is that is isn’t someone’s car.

  11. this is a test mule…a few months ago at a san diego hotel i spotted like 3 fusions and 4 lincoln zephyrs with the same style black rims..those were test mules of the upcoming 3.5l engines..they had tons of electronics on them mounted in and outside the cars..some had unpainted grilles..if you look closely you can see some sort of electronic device above the right rear passenger door and onto the roof..this isn’t just some guys Fusion..I’d have to probably agree it’s a lincoln mule because ford just announced they would only have 2 SVT vehicles at a time..the Mustang and an SVT truck..so that leads me to suspect it isn’t really a Ford under there.

  12. The Fusion needs a sport model just to complete the package…and SVT was reported to be mulling one on Ward’s lately.

    It’s almost too obvious not to do. It doesn’t need to be SVT, but awd+3.5+manual trans would be a fantastic addition to the lineup.

  13. It’s almost too obvious not to do. It doesn’t need to be SVT, but awd+3.5+manual trans would be a fantastic addition to the lineup.

    I could not agree more!!!

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