2007 GMC Acadia

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Not sure why GMC has to have a version of the Saturn Outlook.
It’s not really different, except some details. (At least the Buick version looks like.. a Buick)
GM is just back at their old games: change the headlights and you’ve got a new car.

Isn’t GMC supposed to be a bit tougher than Saturn, with all that WW2 history and all.

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  1. I agree, Vince, but at least this thing looks good.

    There are some people who believe a GMC is better than a Chevy. They may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but it’s how they think. GM them the “superior” product they desire, and they go away happy.

    No harm in telling kids that Santa is real.

  2. I like the name GMC. And They should be better than Chevys.
    But I think they should be tougher looking. Kind of like the Toyota FX. or something.
    This is a bit too soft to be a GMC….

  3. The only things that the Outlook and Acadia share exterior-wise are their doors. The fender flares are different, the tailgate is different, and the whole front end diifers from the Outlook. And the interior is different too. Personally, I think GM did an excellent job making these three cars look different.

  4. See. this is what i have commented on before. rebadging. They have to cease this practice and build genuine vehicles for each of their divisions. There is no longer any loyalty between brands. People buy cars on instinct and appearance.

  5. Guys, aren’t we forgetting that the most important thing for GM is to please its shareholders?

    No really…

  6. GMC should be for trucks

    Saturn should be the ”european” division

    Chevy should be for cheap reliable cars for everyone. Including a performance-only oriented sports car division. (Make SS like SRT from chrysler.)

    Pontiac must be a BMW beater

    Buick : stay the same

    Cadillac : refinement, comfort, etc. Not just the bling bling.

  7. Vince, GM still can’t figure out what each of their divisions should stand for and what each one should represent!!! I agree with you that GMC should represent TOUGH, RUGGED Trucks and SUV’s!!! JEEP has more of a grasp on their image, but they too can be soft at times!!! Can you picture the new Honda CR-V rebadged as a Jeep or a GMC??? This is the kind of thinking these companies must indulge themselves with if they wish to get their own image right on target the first time around!!!

  8. The GMC Acadia is a damn nice looking crossover, with a very inviting interior. I like how GM has given each of it’s lambda’s it’s own styling, inside and out. While the Acadia does look a bit like the Outlook, there is still plenty of differences between it and the Outlook as pointed out by JJ. Any resemblance will only be a problem if Saturn and GMC try to sell them next door to eachother, which is not going to happen. And the Acadia is far from “soft-looking”. I find it odd that people here who fawn over 4 cyl girly-car rollerskates like Smart cars and Civics would call anything “soft-looking”. Anyway, aren’t rugged and tough-looking SUVs evil and bad for our beloved Mother Earth? And the Toyota FX is far from tough-looking. It’s a cartoonish clown car made even more ridiculous in that putrid yellow or blue color.

  9. I read Chevy is getting a version too. When is Pontiac and Cadillac going to get their’s. I do like the GMC a little better than the Saturn. It is a great looking vehicle overall. GM just need to get their heads out of their asses and be a little more distinctive between brands. Maybe once Nissan/Renault join the team they can straighten GM out.

  10. “turd bucket”
    Have you even ever driven one?
    I am driving one for a few days and it is anything but a “turd bucket”.
    You should try to have just a bit of an open mind and not sound like a moron like Mr.Jones…

  11. The name professional grade is not chevy’s trademark. Its GMC’s. I think they make better trucks. GMC seems to put better enginering and more thinking into their trucks.

  12. Looks like a Toureg to me…anything to do with the minivan fiasco that is about to brew when VW gets a GM made minivan? Who knows…anyway, I am tired of feeling sorry for GM. Thay are making progress, but brand distinction needs to be a priority.

  13. I’ve driven the Lexus RX, and while it was comfortable and well-appointed (like a lot of vehicles out there), it was nothing to write home about, except for the drivers-side power window that wouldn’t work. I look forward to getting behind the wheel of any of GMs new crossovers.

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