2007 GMC Sierra

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Close cousin to the Chevrolet Silverado, the Sierra is even more square than the Chevy truck.
I know truck people aren’t supposed to care about style. (don’t know why..)
But still, this is looking quite a bit dated.
And the interior (even though not a top of the line on the pic) doesn’t seem to even look as good as anything else out there.

Let’s hope it is good enough for GM.

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  1. Hard to imagine anything duller than another look-alike truck.

    There was a time when these things were for commercial or farm use only, not transportation to the shopping mall. Maybe high gas prices will help reduce the population of this crap.

    Would make sense for GM to stop badge-engineering redundant GMC and Chevy trucks. I can’t stop yawning.

  2. i would have to disagree i think in comparison to the last genration, and other trucks out now this looks modern, and clean. from this angle its hard to even tell what the interior looks like but its clear that this is a base because it lacks a center console, but it still appears nicer than the last model,the dodge, the nissan, with only the tundra being close. since when arent trucks styled, everything has style..lol, just a matter of preference i guess

  3. It’s perfect! Nice and square and no console inside. Just brink back the 1984 model and Chevy would be selling trucks like hot doughnuts.

  4. The exterior sure smacks of Ford’s squared off lines from it’s current f-150.

    Buy ’em if you need ’em, but don’t if you don’t!

  5. Sure, I guess total lack of style can be considered a style…

    I think this isn’t even close to the next Tundra interior. Which doesn’t really matter. The large pick up truck market is usually very conservative and anti foreign in general.

  6. No Vince, its “good enough”. Everything GM makes is just “good enough”, as long as it is a very little bit better than the model it replaces, everybody is happy, inside the General.

    Its not as good looking as the Titan or the F-150. This is pretty much an update of what they already had.

  7. to the 10:00 anonymous… shut up already its been said and your joke isn’t funny. otherwise, i’d have to say this truck isn’t that bad looking, i’m sure that the GMC’s interior will be a bit nicer, try getting that a pic of that up vince instead of the chevy interior. btw, these exact two pics are in motor trend now c’mon man

  8. Why, oh why, did they tack a vertical door handle onto the armrest? Just because, well, you know, everyone else has one, so they had to have one, too?

  9. or you need a big truck to work with…lol, since the silverado and f150 are the best selling vehicles in america, i doubt that there are that many guys in america with a napoleonic complex running to buy these things but more business and what not. but not bad conservative clean, looks more upscale than the competition not bad, what i expected from gm

  10. It should be noted that that interior shot is “Work Truck” dash. The higher end Silverado and Sierra will get the interior setup like the Tahoe/Yukon.

  11. Not for nothing, but the Sierra is a pickup truck. Anyone with low self esteem who desperately needs a “stylish” vehicle that people will notice have plenty of non-pickup choices. The Sierra is a good-looking truck that compares well to the competition and puts the field’s other new entry – the Toyota Tundra – to shame. BTW, has Toyota recalled the Tundra yet?

  12. I’ve always hated GM trucks’ interiors. And this one tries to copy them.

    This truck would have been soo nice with the Tahoe’s interior. They could have made it cheaper a bit but keep the same style.

    People work all day in those trucks. They deserve a little more comfort.

  13. From what I’ve read, the interior shown is the “work truck’ interior. Other models will get the Tahoe’s interior, so fret not.

  14. The only thing more boring than the plethora of Hyundai/Kia “news” on this site, is this non-designed full sized truck.

  15. It’s still just another gas-hog fashion statement for small-dicked American men.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  16. I have a medium-sized penis and drive a mid-sized sedan.

    So, I am honest with myself and others with whom I share the roads;-).

  17. I love seeing the bias here…
    Just so has it that this interior is the lowest of the low.

    The higher end models have an interior with a totally different dashboard, more like the Tahoe, with the center counsel and everything.

    And as for the exterior, cant believe someone said badge engineering. Each exterior has different panels, front and rear end, and hood. lights, etc.

    And as far as content, the new GM trucks have set segment standards in all areas… I guess all you non-believers will just have to wait and see…

  18. I like the exterior of this truck. It’s smartly styled without any contrived “power bulges” like on a lot of other trucks. The interior is just eh, but if they offer a different dash and interior accommodations, that would help a lot.

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