2007 Honda CRV

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More pictures…
Makes you wonder if these are leaked on purpose.

The official release won’t be such a big deal anymore…

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  1. I’m getting used to the unusual front end and now actually like the new CR-V, but that tailgate opening into the bumper like that bothers me. What a stupid, stupid design flaw that will result in expensive repairs from the slightest bump.

  2. With that ugly nose, I think Honda wants to copy Subaru with its new nose. At first, it was just ugly but now it’s growing on people and makes their vehicules stand-up more from the crowd.

  3. I think it’s a huge improvement over the previous CRV. The hatch that blends into the rear bumper is a concern, but not as bad as the old spare tire that became the bumper anyway and probably resulted in more damage to the CRV and anything parked behind it.

    Maybe there’s a plastic shell that can retract on impact so the door isn’t damaged if the bumper is hit at speeds under 5 MPH. We’ll know soon enough.

    In any case, Honda seems to be giving the market what it wants now–modestly sized “crossover” vehicles. The CRV and RDX look like sure winners to me.

  4. Actually Vince, these pictures are taken by a member from hondasuv.com in Vancouver. There is more pics on that site.

  5. That bumper is expensive to repair, but it also has functional purposes. I guess because Honda mounted the engine so low, to keep weight closer to ground, so they lower the entire air intake and front grill. Base on exterior designs, Mazda CX-5 is much better looking, while RAV-4 will surely beat it in drag race.

  6. Hey Vince…I was in Vancouver last week and saw about 10 new CRVs lined up out front of the Sheraton. So, I would say this is more than a leak…

  7. That is one ugly front end.

    I know Honda’s CR-V’s are good vehicles, but it’s hard to be excited about them when they either have a front end like this or look like the exterior was done by ‘Rubbermaid’ on the previous edition.

  8. “What The Hell Happended To The CRV?”
    I realize that Honda has a good reputation for building refined, reliable vehicles but unless you are a die hard Honda fan there is no excuse for this crappy looking design that steals from every other manufacturer.

    For a big time brand like this to unleash such a shabby metal horror on the automotive world should be a friggin’ crime to say the least.

    This is a dis-jointed, over done, not too original embellished under-designed unoriginal crud.

    Make this the Nominee for most bastardize design of 2006-2007!

  9. Anonymous said…
    Hey Vince…I was in Vancouver last week and saw about 10 new CRVs lined up out front of the Sheraton. So, I would say this is more than a leak…

    Honda is testing a lot, and I mean a lot of new CR-Vs in Vancouver currently so if you want a good look at the new CR-V in person then Vancouver is the city to be in!

  10. It’s no wonder this 3rd generation CR-V is so bizzare looking!!!! It’s being built in East Liberty, Ohio at the same factory that designed and builds the Honda Element!!!! Those guys and gals over there really know how to get down and party on their lunch breaks!!!!

  11. Sheep? Really?
    It’s the other way around: people choose Hondas after test driving other, inferior cars.

    Anyone who owns a Honda has plenty of alternatives–many for less money.

    We don’t like Hondas because we buy them–we buy Hondas because we like them after testing the other stuff out there.

  12. The low liftover height will make a lot of people very happy. It’ll suck for a few that get rear ended, but overall I think the benefits win out.

    I’m still having trouble getting used to the nose. And I thought Honda was moving away from triangular headlights. These are smaller though.

  13. “Anonymous said…

    It’s no wonder this 3rd generation CR-V is so bizzare looking!!!! It’s being built in East Liberty, Ohio at the same factory that designed and builds the Honda Element!!!! Those guys and gals over there really know how to get down and party on their lunch breaks!!!!”

    Uh, a factory doesn’t design the vehicle it builds. Design and engineering are done elsewhere. For American Honda it’s Raymond, Ohio, and Torrance, California. You can blame those folks for the Element, but the bulk of design and engineering for the CR-V have been done in Japan (at least for the first and second generations). So the East Liberty auto plant folks are blameless.


  14. AHHHH Vince, how soon they can forget… Here is a list, for all to contemplate, of unique and useful standard features that are on the current CR-V, but will most likely no longer be available on the latest 3rd generation rendition: Full size spare tire with matching rim, Space saving exterior spare tire carrier, Outside spare tire cover with Honda logo, Full swinging tailgate door with integrated storage compartments and integrated opening glass hatch with remote release, Protective body side molding, Retractable center tray table with cupholders and walkthrough rear access feature, Carpeted floor mats front center and rear, Removable cargo floor cover with integrated folding picnic table, Waterproof rear storage well, Cassette player audio system, Space saving dash mounted shift lever, Integrated dash mounted parking break lever, Sliding(fore and aft)rear seats, Large integrated roof rails(rain gutters), Wide protective wheel well molding, 72 cubic feet of gargo space and 8.1 inches of ground clearance!!! After looking at this list, you can see that Honda was including a great deal of features for the money!!! I do not think that they can continue to do the same with the new model in today’s economy!!! That is one of the reasons why they are building the new model in the U.S.!!! Bottom line: less cost for them also means more profit for them, and the consumer looses out in features and quality!!!

  15. This new 3rd generation rendition of the CR-V closely resembles the first generation of the Honda Odyssey/Isuzu Oasis Mini-Vans! The only thing missing is the third row disappearing flip and fold rear seats! If memory serves, this platform was very reliable(Japanese built) but was a SALES DUD because it was TOO SMALL to compete with the competition!!! Looks like Honda is making the EXACT SAME MISTAKE ALL OVER AGAIN when you compare it to the current competition, such as the likes of the Toyota RAV-4! Honda would have been better off introducing this vehicle under a completely new name and classification, since it really has nothing in common with the CR-V legend! They could have made it as popular as the ‘FIT’ if they billed it as a ‘Spacious Economy Crossover Vehicle’!

  16. I got a 2004 CRV EX, then I sold it and got a 2005 EX. I sold it two months ago and now I am waiting for the 2007.
    I really like the look and I am sure I will like the inside, heck, my wife can’t hardly wait for the new model to hit the dealerships.
    This SUV or Crossover (however it will be call) it is design to target female customers (C’mon guys, this is a lady’s car) But this will be the first CRV that I will like to drive.
    I drove the new 2006 RAV4 twice and, it ride nice but it is so fricking ugly (the interior) and the outside it is OK. Pricey and it looks just like the Highlander.
    I was really corcern about the Ground clearance but, after viewing more pictures, I think that I am ready to accept it and take less cargo.

  17. Good god, it looks even worse from these angles.

    Is GM designing for Honda nowadays? As jac pointed out, this hodgepodge, copy-everybody design seems to be the same kind of out that GM uses when it can’t decide on a coherent styling direction.

    Oh, and the new Subaru noses are still hideous. They do stand out all right, but it’s not for flattering reasons.

  18. Hey guys, take a relax pill. I was looking forward to the RAV4 but passed because it had that stupid backward door and spare on the OUTSIDE?! How ugly can you get. It’s not like we’re on safari and you need to change the tire in a minute because you might get eaten by a tiger. No other vehicles except SOME goofy SUV’s have tires hanging off the back. I think Honda should be commended for having the guts to try a few things that are forward thinking. But then they do and so many people want to burn them. But if they hadn’t of done anything different the same people would be saying booorring.
    And it’s not a copy of something else. Honda had those same lights on the back of it’s previous model, they didn’t dopy it from Volvo. It’s not like, if it looks like some other car they copied. Of course it looks like some other cars…it’s a car! How different can it look.

  19. Vince, I was lucky enough to see a 2007 parked outside, of all places, a McDonald’s today in East Liberty, Ohio! No one was around so I took my time and looked this thing over very carefully! First off I noticed there are No Key Locks on the front door handles! I guess the only way you will lock and unlock the doors will be by remote. Secondly, there is a Black Wire Mesh behind the 3 horizontal chrome strips of the front grill that looks very strange up close! The front end is Very Low to the ground with square Black Plastic tabs hanging below the bottom of the plastic air intake! Ground clearance is also hampered by the low hanging exhaust system below the front doors! The bottom of the doors is low so step in height is about the same as an Accord! The rear of the vehicle slopes down much lower than the previous CR-V! Inside upfront there is a Large Center Console between the front seats and the Shifter and Parking Brake are incorporated into the console! The seats looked upscale in design finished in rich leather! The Instrument Cluster was dark, so it was hard to see anything except a DVD/Navigation Screen in the center stack! The sheet metal on this Silver CR-V seemed to ripple and bend the surrounding reflections in an uneven pattern, very odd looking! The rear quarter windows look smaller in person and the cargo area definitely looks smaller than the 2nd generation! Rear leg room also looked tight, but it also looked like the front seats were set as far back as they would go! The Tailgate is definitely one piece and has more bends, creases and ripples than a waffle iron, very strange looking! The short rear center mounted black rubber antenna is definitely for XM Satellite radio! To me it looked nothing like a Honda, or a CR-V for that matter! It kind of reminded me of the new Mazda 5 in looks and in size! I really doubt that true CR-V aficionados will appreciate this new rendition when they finally get to see one in person!

  20. Thanks for all the info. I’m really curious to see it know…
    They seem to be everywhere except in L.A…

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