2007 Hyundai Sonata

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New grille, the rest has always been available in Korea before. Like the bumper accents.
Let’s hope they made the interior a bit more interesting.

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  1. I have to point out these are pictures of the Korean model.
    So I’m not sure which of these changes, if any, will make it to the US.

  2. well these changes will have to wait until the 08 model bec the 07 model is already out and the only thign I saw was a trim level change

  3. And these changes are significant because? If we’re going to post pictures of every brand’s model-year plastic “refresh” this place is going to be really dull. And a new bumper or plastichrome strip on a Hyundai is about as dull as you can get.

  4. i like the korean grille. it looks like they got their inspiration from the 2007 Camry in the US…Just toned it down and made it more proportional.

  5. I’ve seen the interior pics of this new Sonata and there isn’t much changed besides some colour changes and some control changes.
    As for the exterior, there is only colour and wheel changes, headlight changes and a chrome grille.

  6. As a previous poster noted, this is not the ’07 US model as there are ’07’s at the dealers now which I checked out.
    The noted changes for 2007 for the US are:
    -same grille as ’06 but the middle horizontal bar is now chrome
    -Limited model replaces LX
    -I believe the entry and mid-level models have new letter designations.
    -Black leather added as third color option on the ’07 Limited
    -no change in rear or side styling

    There are likely other minor trim and model content changes which you can check out on the HyundaiUSA site.

  7. the rear end was called a “better looking Accord” last year, and now with the new “Better looking Camry front end treatment’, they have Better-Designed 2 cars, into one!
    maybe Toyota/Honda should hire their designers,a sn the Sonata best both, in style.

    PS: Kia just snagged Audi’s designer, I read,on various news sites today, for worldwide designs.

  8. The new Camry front end is definitely a knock off of a Mazda 3’s. There are times I can’t tell the difference from a distance.

    I don’t see that influence in the front end in those pictures.

    Although I will agree the rear is a better looking Accord knock-off.k

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