2007 Hyundai Tiburon

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You tell me if it was worth the changes.
It also means a much better, RWD model is at least 2 years away.

Seems that, at least in Europe, it still has the 2.7 Liter V6. No move up to the newer 3.3Liter.
Although that might change in the US…

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  1. The front of the side view looks like the old mercury cougar. But other than that its decent. If it postponed the RWD model, then its definitely not worth it.

  2. Not too shabby. If this has a halfway decent interior, it’ll steal sales away from the Civic coupe.(You know, the car with the sexy exterior, but geeky interior)

  3. The changes seem more korean where as the 2006 model seemed more italian, so i dont care for the changes…

  4. Just another boring coupe that looks like almost all other coupes. Nothing to distinguish it at all.

    Most well-styled 4 doors sedans look better and are more comfortable for humans, too.

    I don’t understand the attraction of penalty boxes like this.

  5. Haven’t most Americans turned into Republican, anti-American traitors who love gas hog SUVs instead of sporty coupes?

    Or is the tide turning?

  6. The front end looks like a clash between a Ferari (lower grills) and Aston Martin (top of hood) and lights looks like they ripped off the Jaguar, even the side fenders kind of remind me of a Jaguar.
    Other than than it’s just another Hyundai design.
    I guess Hyunda found Toyota’s design secret, Copy some one else’s homework and just change the conclusion.

  7. Its a much nicer looking car with cleaner lines. The only real downside to its styling is the “me too” fender vent.

    However, it isn’t my cup o tea.

  8. There are a few coupes that stand out: Audi TT, Infiniti G35, Honda Civic (the newest one only), most recent BMW and Mercedes coupes.

    Except for the new Honda Civic coupe, the only good looking ones are much more expensive.

    So, unless you can spend big bucks, your coupe is going to look like a cheap POS that’s hard to enter and exit and has lousy visibility, too.

    So, why bother which such crap? Coupes weigh about the same as their 4 door counterparts and burn as much gas.

    The ’06 Honda Civic 4 door is sharper and sleeker than almost any coupe selling for less than $35K.

    Just because something is low and has 2 doors doesn’t make it good. Cheap coupes look less distinguished than cheap sedans IMO.

  9. we had an 01 tibby, and it always got compliments(except from Big3 owners( of USA makes -or Japan).
    Got 31-33MPG, not a bad vehicle. Now have a Scion tC.
    0-60 around 8 seconds, looks good,
    has a hatchback(a 4 door is cool, we have a Sonata, but they are virtually useless to carry things such as a 4 cy ft wheelbarrow, or a new water softener/with 160lbs of salt for it,etc.., or a 26inches men’s bike, unless ya wanna have it hanging out of the trunk, rather than Inside of the vehicle, hatch closed, and still carry 2-3 people).
    The old tibby, got a wheelbarrow, and 50 dollars of other items, and when i put it in the hatch, people gawked like it was a miracle(lol).Same for the water softener.

    Hauled a new bike home, fully assembled, no issues. The guy at the bike shop had his doubts, until I slammed the hatch down, and he kind of felt silly, asking if it could handle the bike.

    Sorry to digress: my only issue with the Tibby? It sounds as if it will disappear by 2009(CY or MY, who knows?) and become a more expensive, RWD car, and Kia will have a sporty FWD (3 door?) car?
    Hope they keep the Tibby FWD, and create a whole new car for the “upper” price market, RWD, or wahtever(maybe AWD, like the HCD-9 Talus?).

    Sorry to be all over here.
    Sedans are fine for families, or long hauls, but for daily drivers, for one(or 2) people, the tC, Tibby, etc, are more than fine, and can haul more odd shaped items ,than say a regular sedan, it appears.

    PS: intellichoice.com, edumunds, motortrend.com, all have future vehicle sites, that are failry accurate, and call for RWD sports car from hyundai and fwd sporty car from kia by 09. That’s where I kind of got the information, among other magazines and sites.
    take care/not offense.

  10. RWD is cool, until it snows 1/2 a foot.
    Snow tires, you say?
    Sure, you all buy me an extra set of tires(vs regualr all weather tires for FWD cars, that do just fine in snow, rain, etc).

    Gimme FWD.

    This is not a bad car. The seats in the new Tibby, though, are kind of lacking on controls, seems like a 6 way seat vs 8. May not seem like much to some, but for me, it’s a deal breaker, if I ain’t comfortable.

  11. Definitely looks like the front end of the old Merc Cougar.

    This has always been one of the better looking coupes on the market. (this version anyway, the previous was scary)

    Hyundai/Kia seem ready to take over the world, one segment at a time.

  12. Although I did forget to add that the front end tweaking does not look as good as last year’s front end. It’s more generic now.

  13. hey, Vince,,,,, what do ya think?
    Drop the Tibby all together, in 2 years, except as RWD, 25K version, and maybe go back to the idea(sort of, but much better executed) “Scoupe”(call it something else, though).
    Use the 07 Elantra, maybe make it a 3 door), put that 172HP GEMA engine in it(or even 150HP, up 12 from the 138HP engine, for the sedan), and keep it(well) under 18K, fully loaded?

    Since they arne’t gonna bring out a 5 door/ GT Elantra(according to my dealership, they’ll bring out some crossover thing,instead, in a year , or so)why not bring out a tC competitor for 17K, 3 door?
    (I did hear Kia will haev a 3 door, and look like a Mustang?)
    Here’s the forum, with links, a sketch, info, etc… V6/200HP(FWD) Kia sporty car(think based on Carens crossover thing…. but 3 doors).
    Who knows?

  14. Why does Hyundai always spoil the coupé at facelift time?
       Change is needed otherwise the design stagnates, but I am not sure if this is that harmonious given how sharp the old one looked.

  15. This looks like an older Celica model from the late 90’s. I think AWD will solve the solution and finally make this car unique and able to compete with the Subaru and Mitsus.

  16. That narrow slit above the front grill looks makes it look vaguely 03-05 Celica-ish. I also see some Peugeot 406 Coupe in that massive air intake. Really, I think they’ve gone backwards here – the car looks less distinct than before. From the side I think it still retains that slight resemblence to a Ferrari 456. That fender vent (a la BMW M series) is just silly though.

    That said, I’ve always been fond of the 3rd-gen Tiburon and I think it will continue to find homes, especially now that the Eclipse is over-priced and obese.

  17. The new Eclipse is Horrible in handling. OK if you drive a straight line only, all of the time.
    Try turning the thing aorund in a parking lot, over 40 feet turning radius!?!?! That’s insane. Nearly 23K for a “loaded” 4 cylinder, that is loud, and barely moves?

    As for sales, Mitsu will be Lucky to survive until 2010.

    Rather drive this than that Eclipse, that I heard is based upon their 30K SUV. Feels like an SUV!

  18. The front clip with opening in lip looks like it’s from the 2005 celica and the headlights look like they’re from an Nissan S-15 Silvia. Another chop shop job by the Koreans.

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