2008 Corolla

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Pushed back a year, this version of the Corolla could very well be the one we’ll get in the US.

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  1. The design of the front end looks pretty evolutionary, unlike Honda’s approach with the new civic. Speaking of which, it would be great if you can do a test drive of the new civic and provide us a review about it…this would really help me decide whether i should get a civic or corolla.

    Is there a possibility toyota would introduce the 2008 corolla at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show?

  2. Is it bigger, or are the wheels just smaller?

    I’m a Toyota fan, but I don’t like the small, round headlights. Perhaps they’re hiding some of them.

  3. They need to pull a rabbit out of their hat on this one inorder to compete with the Honda Civic. Civic has been such a sales success, they needed to postpone the introduction to try and get it right.

  4. For what I said, Toyota sale more Corolla this years, than Honda sale Civic… So Civic was a great success but… And I think it was the new Corolla.

  5. Toyota pushed back the Corolla a year because they will not deliver a product to market until it’s perfect. Toyota cares about its customers so much that they would never deliver an imperfect product to the market.

  6. a little while ago, autoweek had an article about toyota pushing back the corolla redesign to 2008. in addition to the current model selling so well that they want to squeeze more money out of it, a toyota rep said that toyota was taken aback by the styling of the new civic so the year gives them some time to retool the styling.

  7. I agree about the Elantra.
    Between the Civic and Elantra, this new Corolla has better be amazing….

  8. Based on the newest illustrations of the Corolla, it will look quite good and sporty compared to the “radical” Civic.

    The new Elantra, granted it’s a big leap over the current stodgy Elantra, still has some oddball styling and is one big Corolla imitation. It’s not enough to merely mimic, match, and imitate Toyota, which is basically what Hyundai is doing these days. The problem is that Toyota will always be one step ahead when using such a perspective.

    I’ve seen what look like very accurate front end illustrations of the next North American market Corolla. Imagine a Yaris sedan front end mixed together with a Camry SE front end, but a bit edgier. That’s basically what the front end for the new North American Corolla should look like. Nice family resemblance to the new Camry and Yaris, yet will be easily recognized as a Corolla.

  9. Did anyone else notice that in comparing the Corolla and Prius mules they are practically the same size in wheelbase and seem to share much of their greenhouse glass? If Corolla is moving to the Prius/Scion tC platform, then it is growing significantly in wheelbase and overall length. Perhaps that is why they are being so restrained in styling changes.

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