2008 Dodge Challenger

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It’s official.
The all new Challenger will come out in early 2008, as a 2008 model.
It will be based on the next version of the Chrysler 300 platform.

Let’s hope they don’t price it too high. Some rumors were floating around about a $35 000 base price with V8 only.
Most Mustang sold are with a V6. That’s where the money is.
And that’s what makes the cars affordable.

Let’s hope these rumors are not true, and that Chrysler will offer at least a cheaper V6 version for “the masses”.
A cool looking car shouldn’t be expensive.
And don’t forget, it is still a Dodge. Not a BMW…

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So 2008 will turn out to be the year of the Smart and Challenger….

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  1. Dodge doesn’t need another halo car like the Viper. Price it at no more than $25,000 and they will have a hit on their hands. The Mustang sells more than 150,000 a year, and the Camaro has garnered so much consumer interest, you would think the Dodge would go for the volume. Anyways, good for Chrysler for getting this car out earlier than the Camaro. It just shows that GM is always one step behind.

  2. OK, here’s what’ll happen: The Challenger will be introduced and the gotta have it folks will overpay for this impractical revival of a car that was only mediocre 35 years ago.

    Then sales will fall like a stone after the gotta have its have theirs.

    Thunderbird anyone?

  3. Retr-oh-my-god-NO!!!!!!!!

    First time I’ve ever seen a car gauge labeled “Telemetry”, though.

    Maybe there will be a Yacht Package available for it, since it looks like it can float, LOL.

  4. I’m not sure why there’s a large percentage of people so anti-retro!

    It’s a subjective thing for sure. Some people liked the Pontiac Aztec, and bought one. Other’s like a retro look. Still others prefer futuristic and cutting edge.

    I say bring them all on. More choices mean more consumers are happy!

    By the way…I’m not old enough to remember muscle cars, but I think they look sweet in their new 21st century duds.

    I think it’s a mistake though, like Vince said…not to offer a V6 version. Volume brings the price down!

  5. Dodge well sell plenty of these cars at 35k. There’s no way it’ll be a dud like the thunderbird. I’m tired of all these car companies putting a crap engine in a beautiful car…and ruining the exclusivity of the machine, so that every little 16 year old kid can have one. Put a v-8, make it perform, and then only the people who deserve on will get it. Booya!

  6. Great car. Build it. The end. Am I the only one tired of the heming-and-hawing over whether or not Dodge should build this thing? The hype is overkill.

  7. Hey, im usually no fan of retro but seeing some of the real world pics of this car it is one sexy looking thing.

    You can’t go wrong with it. And fortunately, unlike the new camaro, it doesnt look like a cartoon caricature of a car and it actually will hit dealers lots in the near future unlike the camaro.

  8. Any word or possibility that this car could be exported overseas and if so any chance RHD versions will be built because i would love to see this car in Australia and im sure alota Australians would agree

  9. No wonder why Big 3 is in red ink; when they should concentrate on MPV, crossover, and new engines, they develop cars that you want to put them on your poster wall, but not necessary in your garages. Coupe and sport car are dying market due to insurance cost and tough competition. Go back to reality and forget that “mid-life crisis”, the world has moved on.

  10. Hey, MKK, no offense, but isn’t the Mustang a coupe, sells what, nearly 150,000 a year?
    The Scion tC is called a coupe(really a 3 door hatch), and it sold just a few hundred short of 75,000 units last year.
    3 doors are great. Next car for Scion may be that 3 door FUSE.

    I had red Scion ws considering killing the 3 door sporty car, until they saw the sales keep climbing, and it is the largest seller.

  11. Don’t forgot the Mazda3, sporty-small car… nearly 95,000 units sold last year.

    Seems cars with smaller size , sporty nature, and decent MPG sell very well, 2 doors, sporty 4 and 5 doors, and 3 door hatch/coupes(Eclipse is doing ok, so is Tiburon, and of course , the tC is doing really well).

    Maybe they should concentrate on some 30 MPG sporty compacts,FWD or AWD, instead?

    take it easy.

  12. View of the dash here and that of the current Charger and Caliber suggest that Chrysler is cornering the market for light gray plastic.

    Soon there won’t be any of that stuff left for boom boxes.

  13. I never meant to say that muscle cars cannot make money or sell well. What i meant is: money is desperately needed to expand big 3’s crossover and SUV business, and improve their interiors and powertrains. In Mustang case, if Ford can use that chasis to build a new Tarsus or a new Town Car, we are talking about two million unit business, not 150,000.

  14. “pastorshannon said…

    I’m not sure why there’s a large percentage of people so anti-retro!”

    I’m against retro for the same reason I’m against dust: it’s already been around the block once! LOL. The only retromobile I’ve seen thus far whose design I like is the FJ, but it’s design is an actual evolution, not a rehash of former good-ol’ glory days. When the good-ol’ glory days of disco return, and you feel like taking an ice pick to your ears, just remember that I told you so. 🙂

    And I think these guppies should be able to float to Austrailia. Just get in and paddle!

  15. i think people would buy them at that price, 35-37000 chargers and 300’s are everywhere and people were saying why would anyone spent that much on a chrysler or a dodge ( me included and still believe that) this car is more practical and sporty than a thunderbird, makes better sense and wouldnt be as high as the ss3 i think people would buy it at that price if people spend that money for chargers (dont know why yet).

  16. I say bring it on. I most definitely want one of these. While maybe the majority of people want a crap-tabulous crossover of MPV, I will never own one. All the utility 80-90% of Americans need can be found in hatchbacks, sedans, wagons and coupes. Chevy and Ford can go down with their boatload of full-size dinosaur body-on-frame SUVs.

    People should consider proof reading their posts.

  17. Are You Kidding?! The Mustang Looks Like Shit Compared to this Challenger. Not to mention the fact that the mustang is much slower. well i guess i have to put it in future tense…will be much slower

  18. I dont know about being any faster than a mustang but i do konw i am for any car that is real wheal drive and offers a v8 ie mustang, charger, gto, new camaro ( if it ever gets released) and this new charger and to all of those above who said they should concentrate on crossovers and fuel savers, go buy a honda, hyunda, or a mitsubishi and all the real red blooded american MEN will buy mustangs challengers and camaros and have alot more fun in our “gas hog” and its not meid life crisis BS its an american muscle car tradition unfortuantely something most of you konw nothing about i say cudos to chrysler for releasing this car and will buy one after the gotta have it first guys lay off and you can find one like you want

  19. im not doggin the other cars but i am saying if you dont want this kind of car dont buy one but i certainely dont want you dictating what myself and many other people do want. and to chrysler this is the closest retro car to its original counterpart… long live the amreican muscle car

  20. As A Female I am crazy for an old hot rod. I have driven the Charger R/T and must say its awsome, with nice get up and go. I have kids so the 4 door is great, But I must say the Challenger is really looking tempting. Out of the old clasic hot rods I would like to see the 67′ Firebird reborn. But it would have to run like a Hemi!!!! I think Dodge has done a great job and given customers what we have long awaited for, the rebirth of the muscle car.

  21. I have heard from various sources that Cerberus Capital Management (the company that recently purchased Chrysler from DaimlerChrysler), is hell bent on scaling back the production of the new Challenger.

    It seems that the new Challenger will be manufactured as a low-production “niche” car, and the few that will be produced will be snapped up by people willing to pay a hefty premium for them.

    If this is the case, I hope that Chrysler goes out of business…

    The new Challenger was supposed to be made available to “the people”, not just to the rich!

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