2008 Toyota Corolla

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This shows the japanese market sedan version.
The one we’ll get might still be a bit different.
And there are rumors they might even change the name in some markets…

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  1. I hope the front of our corolla looks like this. The grill in the camo-ed picture looks a bit funky with the thing in the middle.

  2. Nice
    I too do hope that this is the look of the new Corolla we’ll see here in the U.S.

    The lines are somewhat soft looking but it wouldn’t hurt to add some edginess. I’ll hold back until I see more of this new Corolla especially the interior.


  3. g’luck!
    we’ll get the ugly big nose w/ toyota logo for sure! Simply to make it look not-to-boring..
    especially IF toyota design studio in California had anything to do with it

  4. Waaahh… make the 2008 corella look like an old Hyunda sonate … give me a break. Maybe they should take more lessons from Honda.

  5. It is almost unbelievable that Toyota can keep Corolla’s pictures from leaking in the press, considering its world wide operations and the number of corolla sold each year.

  6. “might still be a bit different” … talk about an understatement.

    Of course, the North American Corolla will be different than this. I’ve seen accurate illustrations (not posted on this site) that reveal what the North American Corolla will look like, and this is definitely not it.

    The fact that this JDM Corolla has very little styling cues from the Yaris sedan or Camry should be a big giveaway that we won’t be seeing such bland styling on North American shores.

  7. Corolla’s a great car, but Toyota has plenty of work to do to upstage the new Honda Civic–if that’s possible.

  8. Well, it may be boring, but it sure beats that Sebring that Chrysler”threw out” at us.
    I could look at this for 5 years, in my driveway, vs 5 minutes of the Sebring in my driveway.

  9. at first i didn’t like it. but it gets a little nicer each time i look at it. there’s a bit of scion tc influence in the headlights?

    i agree with those that don’t like the new logo-ized toyota nose on the new camry. hopefully toyota doesn’t really think that’ll bring the corolla up to par with the civic’s controversial but notiecably different styling and the elantra’s understated elegance. the interior is what i really want to see. .i think they did a great job with the current version.

  10. BLACKLASER padwin..said.why dont use the name ALTIS?, it sound more civilised. the same happen with the echo, now use the name YARIS. the toyota brand use this name ALTIS for the corolla in other countries.

  11. I see something like a Hyundai Sonata-Scion tC-Mercury Milan mixed up in the front and is the rear window on the pic look a lot like the new VW Jetta?

  12. As far as the headlights are concerned, I would say there’s influence from Toyota’s FT-SX concept. Similar influence seemed to have touched on the current Avalon’s headlights.

  13. disegno said it correctly about the Elantra, especially the upcoming 07 model.

    Corolla. Good cars.

    I may have to wait for that Chery tC knock-off, and see what tha’s like.

  14. Yawn … but it will sell to those in Japan who want a dependable 1,700 mm wide, formal sedan. I will reserve judgement till I see the wide-body export versions.

  15. Alex, thank you for those Japanese links. The Allex looks a bit better but this is, overall, dull as dishwater. Honda must be smiling.

  16. https://www.news24.com/wheels/Images/Photos/20060721122353Corolla-sketch.jpgThis website is supposed to be from South Africa? Anyhow, this is supposedly the next Corolla?I guess if you looked around on the site, you may be able to find the story? This link is graphic-only.Maybe this one is the old style, and when Toyota decided to put off the Corolla, until next year, vs this year? Maybe they made it this design, or is this a version for overseas?take care/not offense.

  17. daily news is calling this a 2 door(3 door) hatch Toyota Corolla(or a Scion,as they say).Vince, your homepage is not functional. I had to get this from my cache, from eariler todya, to get onto your site.take care/not offense.

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