2008/09 Nissan Z

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From this illustration, it looks pretty close to the curent model.
But much more aggressive.

They are talking about squeezing around 350hp from the V6!

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  1. I wouldn’t say “much” more aggressive. In fact, not sure the changes are that positive at all.

    I will say though, the 350Z’s brother, the Infiniti version is still one of the hottest cars on the road.

    How much power can Nissan squeeze from that V6 before they need to go to a V8?

  2. i agree with you pastorshannon – the changes in this illustration don’t say “more aggressive” to me. in fact, it looks a bit more wide-eyed and brighter with the new shape of the headlights. and the new lip below the headlights isn’t totally harmonious with the new intake. it’s not bad, but i don’t think it’s better. hopefully more improvements will be made to the interior (which isn’t bad, IMO, but improvements can always be made, esp at nissan)

  3. Looks softer, less aggressive to me…but it does look like the older 240Z, which is good. If Lexus is putting 306 horsepower from a 3.5L V-6 in sedan, I think 350hp from a V-6 ought to be doable for this sports car!

  4. to you morons that wonder how can people squeeze 350 HP out of that 3.5 VQ engine, of course they can, it’s called, high compression, its called continous variable valve timeing and lift, idiots, if other companies can: i.e. s2000 with 2.0 4-cyl cranking out 240 hp, bmw m3 3.2 liter v.6 bangingo ut 333 hp, duuuuh, i’m sure 3.5 liter v6, im sure can make 350 hp, fools, um ok, on a liter note, yeah, i think this redesign looks good!!!!

  5. I think it looks alright, but it’s just not a car I’d want to own. If I wanted a cramped sporty/luxury coupe, I’d be shopping for the better-looking G35.

  6. This seems less aggressive, but does seem to follow the styling of several new Nissan models, where the styling is more curvaceous and less “edgy”.

    As for 350HP from a VQ V6, sure it *can* be done, but it doesn’t mean it will be done. The VQ35HR in the 2007 G35 will have 306HP, matching the IS350’s HP, but torque is yet unknown. Of course, the VQ’s injection system is not as advanced as the 2GR-FSE in the Lexus, so it has to rev deep into the 7000RPM range to achieve 306HP. Not only that, but the VQ35HR won’t be able to match the fuel economy of the 2GR-FSE.

    If Nissan actually releases a 350HP V6, it will be either supercharged/turbocharged, or rev to some insane amount like 9000RPM to achieve that kind of power in naturally aspirated form.

  7. I hope this is just a random photochop like much of what is on here – but judging by the relatively conservative redesigns of Nissan’s other new products (including the Altima, Sentra and the Z’s sister sedan G35) it is probably fairly accurate.

  8. Holy Crap! Nissan turned it into eclipse. Looks weaker and softer. maybe perfect for its original name. Fairlady, lady’s car.

  9. Wow, a new front end. What Nissan do, give it new headlights? There’s a reason to wait until 2008. As usual, a domestic gets criticized for a styling upgrade, but an import is praised. Imagine if this was a Toyota or Honda.

  10. The next generation Z will get a hugh bump in horse power next time around. With the release of the skyline in that states, they need to have give the Z some power to keep sales up. As for this picture, it’s a total photoshope. You can buy those flares anywhere online.

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