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I have seen a few illustration of what the next NSX might look like, but this one seems more like a luxury/sport coupe than the pure sports car the previous model was.
Would the next NSX try to compete with cars like Aston Martin instead of looking like a poor man’s Ferarri?

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  1. dont’ make an exotic car with a design from a cheap car…… total turn off. it should be the other way around

  2. You stupids, that is not the next NSX. This one will be a coupe based on the RL.

    The NSX is still going to have that F1 look.

  3. Your photo confirmed an article from Inside line on March, 2006. New NSX will use the front-engine layout and therefore the dimension is totally changed.

  4. My sources tell me its the next Acura version of the Accord coupe to replace the CL. The Sport 4 concept is the next TL…the Accord will be based on it.

    The RSX is dead and will not be replaced.
    TSX soldiers on.

    Expect considerably revised RL.

    Turbocharged BMW X3 fighter.

    A new MDX.

    And finally…LX 470/QX 56 fighter with the RL’s engine paired with a electric motor to make a kick ass full size hybrid SUV. Escalade will get a version of the Hybrid Surburban, so this makes sense.

    Oh yeah, NSX will retain that F1 look with a…get this…hybrid engine drive each wheel good for 450 to 500hp.

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