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Coming up in a couple of years.
Will the A1 work where the A2 didn’t?

Audi wants to compete with the Mini without the heritage.

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  1. I’ve always loved Audis (though would never want one), but this is not one of my favorite designs. The rear looks odd. Maybe another angle would help.

  2. qVince, where did you get this from?
    I love it & wish they can bring it here sooner!!!
    Any specs or other photos?????

    -A1 lover

  3. this doesnt make any sense, the mini and vw golf are priced about the same, why is audi and vw overlapping first the phaeton-a8, than an over 30 grand passat-a4, so on and so forth. they need much better product planners

  4. The back truck looks a little like the Scion Tc, but with Teutonic flare….I’ll still take this and if this sells in the low $20-heigh teens, I’m there!!!!

  5. Audi is expected to add these models to its lineup by 2010.

    A2 New model due by 2009
    A3 S model due this year
    A4 Replaced in 2008
    A5 Debut in 2007
    A7 Debut in 2008
    A8 Replaced in 2010
    Q5 Debut in 2008
    TT roadster

    I have read reports about A1 but have yet to see any production schedules for A1 only A2

  6. I see the Teutonic lines as well, but they only remind me of recent Chrysler crap. I don’t know, maybe Audi can make it work.

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