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Just the front view of the illustration I posted a few days ago.
They are going after the Mini.
Not sure if a car with no emotional history/background (like the Mini) could build such a cult following.

At least in the US.
And Europe is already full of cool small hatchbacks…

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  1. Trying to compete against Mini heritage is difficult.

    Using an old Golf IV platform to compete against BMW-sourced Mini’s multilink suspension is pathethic!

  2. auis are getting uglier an uglier…. (the keyboar i’m using is broken, guess what key i can’t not type)

  3. No, I don’t think Audis’ are getting uglier. My therory is that America’s taste in Cars is becoming sour, and just can’t keep up with European or Japanese Designs. The new Sebring will probably be car of the year in America. So sad…

  4. first of all, to the 1:11pm commenter, the new Sebring will Never be the car of the year Anywhere, no one would be stupid enough to even nominate it for that. but back to the A1, i think this car has potential but enough with that huge grill. i know its audi’s new trademark and that all their models have it, but it just looks like crap here

  5. Methinks someone at Audi likes the face of the coming Evo/Oz/Lancer/whatever. But whereas the Evo face slams, this just looks like a puppy dog trying to feign viciousness. Grrrr.

    Now that I think about it, the “trying to be a big dog in a small dog’s body” Caliber sort of strikes me the same way. Hmm. Down boy.

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