BMW 1 series in the US

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This is just one car spotted recently in California.
BMW won’t sell us the hatchback. They are instead waiting for the much more conservative 2 and 4 door versions…

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  1. Hmmm, difficult to sell if you ask me. I mean they will sell becuase a lot of people priced out of a 30k plus car would love to have a “Bimmer”. But the guys who pay 50k for 5 series and 330’s wont be too pleased with bringing down the prestige of the brand.

    How many ponys would this thing have? I mean the TSX alreeady has 200, is250, a4, 325 all 200+? Do they really try to sell a car with a 180 pony engine for 27-30k??????

  2. They claim they won’t sell any 4 cylinder engines in the US.
    So I guess it’ll have a small 6 of some sort.

  3. I been seeing a few of them here in so cal with mexican plates, (its sold there) that engine hood is so huge on it when you stand next to it and disliked the small steering wheel and the so so interior, overall its about the exact same size as a pontiac vibe ! i also see alot of cars they wont sell here on a daily basis on our roads and truly believe ford is missing out on not importing the fiesta its a hot little car….

  4. If BMW wants to be more of an ecp-friendly auto manufacture, they should supply us with a 4 cylinder engine. Not every fan, even the rich, want to pay at the gas pump and not every American seems to be in a rush for a diesel. However, I do hear some people are now considering that option since it no longer makes those typical diesel sounds and smells.

  5. people shouldn’t be in a rush to hybrid. Those things are scams, diesels get better mileages for less money.

    I’d like to see a 120i, 120d and 130i models come over here, unfortunately, like Vince reiterated, BMW would like to not sell anymore 4-bangers in America. I don’t really understand why.

  6. Hmmm…an overpriced, a small car with expensive regular maintenance, expensive repair bills from a manufacturer known for poor reliability?

    No thanks.

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