Citroen C4

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The Picasso replacement as been spotted, as a toy!

How funny is that.

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  1. This is the perfect sized vehicle for all those penis-obsessed, SUV-fearing sissies. It’s plenty small, has room for their manhood, and lots of space left over.

  2. Who is the toy manufacterer? This is a highly detailed and impressive diecast model =)

    Now, if only JadaToys created a DubCity Diecast version of the C4…hee hee.

  3. this is not the next citroen picasso. the new one has a more jagged “mountain-like” chrome strip beneath the windows and a rounder rear end. This could possibly be competition to the renault scenic, maybe a C4 “SW”.

  4. Second time this year a toymaker has spilled the beans—Aston Martin’s DBS was previewed by Corgi Toys.
       At a guess, the toymaker is Norev.

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