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Looks like the base model has quite a lot of cheap looking black plastic all over….

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  1. This car looks ok. If they made the rear end and windows a bit less rounded and put a decent set of lights on the front, they could have like a mini-hummer truck, which would definietly sell well if it was well priced.

  2. Yeah they could’ve but this ain’t Hummer, it’s Dodge. I like the Nitro gived people an option to choose between the Liberty and other SUVs.

  3. crappy black plastic trim… or TRAIL RATED TOUGHNESS!?!?!?

    I think its pretty good looking. This is just built on an extended version of the Jeep Liberty platform, so this is a new vehicle that is 10 years old mechanically? Not necessarily bad, just question it, since this is a really sharp looking vehicle.

    I’m interested in the SRT model. Will it exist, will it be the turbo 4 from the Caliber, or a hot V6, maybe twice-turbo’d itself?

  4. the top models from pics ive seen look pretty good-cheap inside but hey its a dodge. but this one is horrible are they going after that element cram as much cheap plastic as you can on the outside, and even the new element doesnt have it. this is way to much plastic on the body, hate to this thing in a couple years when they start to fade

  5. “A Nice Looking Mini Brute”

    This is one sharp looking concept. I hope that they build it. From the pictures that I saw the exterior and interior looks good. If dodge is able to offer good MPG and put quality plastics in the right places and minimize the cheap stuff then they could have a segment buster on their hands.

    I like it because it gives you that brawny brute “hummer-in-your-face” look in a mid-size, affordable package.


  6. “Looks like the base model has quite a lot of cheap looking black plastic all over….”

    Why do you think that the cheap black plastic is ONLY on the base model?

  7. How much can it possibly cost to paint that plastic!?

    They may sell more due to the lower price, but in the end, more of the crappy cheap looking plastic ones on the road sure do hurt the brand image.

    I have had 2 vehicles now with black bumper strips on the sides, and both of them were taken immediately to a body shop to have them painted body color. BIG DIFFERENCE!

  8. Nothing that hasn’t been seen before, and is integrated much nicer than in the Element, for example. The shiny chrome makes up for it though! 😛
    (I’m serious-I don’t really mind it)

  9. my theory is that the cheap black plastic is a motivator for people to step up to the more expensive model, while still being able to win comparisons due to low opening MSRP.

  10. The Nitro is nice looking. At least the it looks like a truck, way more than Honda’s girly CR-V joke.

  11. Vince, I seen this model about three times in the past three months while being tetsted. I will not mentioned the state were it was seen because the driver may get into trouble.
    I asked him a few questions while filling up the gas tank in a gas station. The car was camuflaged front and rear. The driver refuse to name the model or brand on the car but it was clear, that it was the Dodge Nitro.
    The one remark he made to me about the car was “that it ride like SHIT” those were the comments from the driver. But he added that the Diesel was much better.
    I hope this helps. I tried to take a picture of the car with my cell but I didn’t think is was a good idea after the driver was so cool with some of that info.

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