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This time, the back view.
Any idea?

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  1. I´d say 99,9 % the 3 door Corolla hatchback. there has been one in europe for a long time, and i guess that´s the new one.

  2. Vince, can you get a clear shot of the license plate number? That is easily traced right back to the manufacturer.

  3. it aint a toyota its a ford ! besides toyota is much better at cutting cardboard ! they also dont use duct tape ! also it has michigan manufacturers plates on it. soo ford or mazda i say ! or could it be the hornet from dcx/vw lol

  4. Pic was taken in Southern California.
    And yes,I can get a picture of the license plate. Email me so I can Email it to you.
    I don’t wnat to post it and get the poor slob in trouble…

  5. The previous image of the front looks nearly identical to the recently posted image of the 2008 corolla.

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