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Ford has decided to extend the powertrain warranty on their cars and trucks.
A good move for consumer, but is that enough?

I don’t see Toyota or Honda extending anything…

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  1. Honda and Toyota already had a warranty to match the one that Ford is touting, 5year/60,000 miles powertrain warranty. Honda and Toyota already did something, and as usual, Ford is one of the last ones to catch up.

  2. I still think that new navigator is rediculously ugly. Theres always a niche for cars with quriky designs but who the f*ck would want to be seen in one of those. Noone.

  3. i just bought a 05 accord in oct 05 and i only got a 3yr 36mi warranty. when did honda start offering that 5yr?

  4. Yes, this is nothing new. Toyota for instance offers a 5 year/60K miles powertrain warranty on all their models, and Lexus models have a 6 year/70K miles powertrain warranty. Bumper to bumper, Toyota models have 3 year warranty, and Lexus models 4 years.

    As said by the first poster, this is nothing new, and is simply Ford catching up to the competition. There’s nothing “bold” about this.

    Honda and Toyota could easily decide to boost their warranties, and if that happens, Ford and other domestic marques are in big trouble.

  5. OK< I hate to sound nasty, and sort of disagree with Vince, others, BUT, if the products (any maker)are "soooo good", why don't they step up and do a 10/100K warranty then?
    My father in law once had an 87 Toyota pickup. He thought of another(he said the parts were too expensive for the Toyota, and he does drive over 50,000 miles per year).
    Anyhow, he went and looked at new, and the salesman said(after hearing about Hyundai/Kia 10/100K) “we don’t need those; our vehciles Never have probelms before 100K”(My inlaw is a engineer of 40+ years, and worked for GM for 5, and now International, via contracting, he knows a thing or two), anyhow he told th esalesman” Well, if Toyota’s NEVER break down before 100,000 miles, then they should offer the warranty, because if they never break down, then they will not lose 1 red cent offering a 10/100K warranty, then, woudl they?”
    The look on that salesmans face told the while story, lol!
    I agree! We never agree on anything, but this, YES, if they are so good, offer the warranty.

    Hyundai/Kia did this to assuage fears of “junk” , Hyundai in 99, and Kia a few years later.

    They do not really need it now, but keep it as others are creeping upwards in their warranties.

    I think(heard from dealership) that Hyudnai’s costs for repairs is around 2%(or under?) of their budget?
    With Toyota’s tons of recalls lately, seems lots of people suddenly wnet bind and did not see them in the news? lol.

    None of them make perfect vehicles. None.

    The extended warranties did NOT help Isuzu, who tried to “out-do” Hyundai a few years back with a 10/120K warranty.
    Didn’t work.

  6. Honda has always had the 3year 36k which ever comes first on both the comprehensive and powertrain warranties. Toyota went to the 60k powertrain warranty in the early 90’s. The companies that are offering 100k miles warranties are doint it for a reason, to boost their image and erase the earlsy shoddy manufacturing they produced. And don’t be fooled by these 100k warranties. Most you have to pay a deductible everytime you use them. So they are not free. Read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. Keep up the good work Phil!
    Your friend in Va bEACH.

  7. They need a resell value gurantee to curb their depreciation problems and style changes to scare blue hair buyers(like Europe Hona Civic). Wrong aim!

  8. So… we’re gonna have that Lincoln around longer than the Milan and/or Fusion (going by the longer warranty)?

    Great, cause it looks so much better…


  9. Hey, about those 100,000 mile warranties costing, Not Hyundai, Kia or Mitsu or Suzuki. No Deductible! Nothing.

    The first 3 automakers, tranny is 10/100K, and bumper to bumper = most companies 5/60K tranny warranty, so, they have a Loooooong ways to catch up, still.

    Suzuki has 7/100K, bumper, 3/36K bumper to bumper, which is Not Good.

    VW has a 4/50,000 for bumper-to-bumper, and 4/60K for tranny, and 4 year, unlimited miles for raodside assisance.

    At least their bumper/bumper is 14,000 miles more than almost anyone else’s these days.
    (rather drive a Rabbit, than a Focus, anyway).

    I am unimpressed.

    Come up with a New Gimmick, Ford, like Free Tune Ups until 70,000 miles, and Free Oil Changes, and 1 set of free Tires(Daewoo had a deal, beofre they became GM-DAT, that the first 3years/36K miles, all maintainence was free).

    How about a Ford Relex,to compete with a tC, Mazda3, or even the Tiburon; you know, something for 14-17K, that import owners might consider buying?

  10. Ive owned many hondas and toyotas, but toyotas since the year 2000 are garbage, prior to that most where bulletproof ! BUT ive only needed the warranty once and that was a tranny on a 1994 toyota truck that went out 4 speed auto and toyota paid 3600 bucks for that repair at 48k miles so i was very thankfull for that 5 year 60k mile warranty, not one of my hondas ever needed one single warranty repair, 3-36k and they all went to 75k or more with out one problem, so to me the longer the warranty the better for my peace of mind, but alot dont know that the 10-100k hyundai warranty is non transferrable to 2nd owners so yes read the fine print very carefully !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Toyota and Honda, they don’t really make a big difference with a 5 year warranty extension service, because their cars do not need it. They have high standars for everything. Remember, before japanese car makers choose how their cars should be, they begin looking at U.S. domestic cars as a mere 1 point on a 1 – 10 scale, where 10 is the highest, and so they try to make theirs reach the whole 10 points of quality.

  12. About a year ago Honda retroactively extended their power-train warranty to 100k miles. I’m not sure how many vehicles it covers, but my 2001 Accord broke down last night (at 95,000 miles), and the dealership just ordered me a new transmission (remanufactured actually). Absolutely no charge! I’ve always been a fan of Hondas, but they just made a lifetime customer out of me. I doubt I’ll ever buy another type of car!


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