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The newest part of a whole line up we still can’t get over here…

This could compete with the G6 and Eos.
It’s pretty amazing to think they do have these good products out there.
With all the money they are loosing you would think they could, maybe, try to sell them over here. One of the largest market in the world…

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  1. I don’t think ill ever understand the reason why ford didn’t bring over the Euro focus. It just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Those are AWESOME LOOKING compact models that would OUTSELL THE COMPETITION in North America, hands down!!! What the heck is Ford waiting for, hell to freeze over??? No wonder they are in trouble, they can’t see the forrest from the trees!!!

  3. I can’t figure for the life of me why Ford doesn’t bite the bullet and bring them here. The excuse that they will compete with their other vehicles may be somewhat valid, but as excellent as the 2nd gen Focus is…more sales is more sales!
    Besides…isn’t that what product planners are supposed to do…PLAN AHEAD!? If they say the new Focus will compete with their other cars, then that is saying their product planners didn’t do a good enough job ahead of time apparently. Are we supposed to have the 1st gen Focus so long that even the Koreans are passing it up?

  4. Great, just the thing to piss me off 1st thing in the morning – the whole C1 Focus line up. Why not just kick me in the shins!

  5. Compete my arse, The Euro Focus would dominate. Its a great looking car with lots of customizing potential. It is also one more piece of proof that Bill Ford is a moron.

  6. Wow they could crash the small car market in the US in a big way!!! But, what do we as consumers know?

  7. Not just G6, Vince, but the refreshed competition such as the Civic. Ford’s C170 is well past its sell-by date and I do not believe Dearborn did not see three trends: (a) a shift toward smaller cars; (b) a shift toward more premium small cars; (c) latest-generation competition from the Japanese and from GM.

  8. they worry about competing with other cars ? when the ford family of vehicles sells 17 different suvs !!

  9. Does anyone here understand economics?

    Ford didn’t bring the car over here because there was NO WAY it could offer the Euro Focus for 11-12k for a stripper model. The car would have to be priced like the Mazda 3 — which I believe starts around 14k.

    The current car can be had in a stripper model (or fleet) for a little over 10k.

    The real problem was the fact that Ford had no plans to bring over a smaller cheaper car, like the Ka to fill this need. Instead, they just blame economics and stick us with the old car.

  10. Well, and we are not able to get our hands on an Acura SUV or any Infinity’s legally here, in Europe. The same for SAAB 9-2 and 9-7. Well, the 9-7 is overpriced anyway but I would consider a four wheel drive Impreza with SAAB looks — being myself ex-owner of a 4 SAAB cars – classic 900 turbo and a variety of 9000s…

  11. Welllllll…. if they could bring that Excellent Looking 5 door(or a 3 door version of the convertible)…here, and I would seriously consider a look.
    Add tha 5/100K tranny warranty like the current Focus has….
    and that might seal the deal!
    Will we get one?
    Most likely no.
    Just like GM touting Saturn Opels for repalcement(s) of the Ion and Vue(they showed us really great looking designs, like the 3 door Antara(sp?) for the Vue, and the 3 door sporty hatch for Ion,. then in May-June, they show they not as cool 5 door versions, and sedans, more Boring designs!).

    Boring does not = sales!

    That Focus 5 door looks like the new Accent 3 door hatch, from the rear/hatch area(but the Accent is 1foot+ too short for my needs, and too little HP).
    C’Mon, Ford,Gm, others… ya want my biz(want me to drop my tC?), bring on the good stuff!

  12. I drove by the Ford lot today,on my way to other places. 1 person was looking, and the lots are still full.
    Last week, Monday, in fact, i took my Sonata in to get a 30K tune up, and they had about 12 people looking, and 3 buying in time it took to get my tune up done.
    Wow… decent prices, long warranties, decent looking (adn reliable) vehicles…. what a concept!
    Ford…. look at HyunKia….. Suzuki, even, others, like Scion… get the picture?
    Bring over the stuff. Who cares if it cost 15-17K, that’s the price of a lot of vehicles, just add more options, or extras, as std, like Hyunkia or Suzuki does!

  13. The Focus is an upscale car in Europe and priced accordingly. If brought to the U.S. as it is in Europe, it would be much too expensive and not competitive.

    The U.S. Focus must be a cheaper car and so it is. If you want a European Focus, consider a Mazda 3 or Volvo S40 because they’re built on the same chassis.

    Better yet, forget Fords altogether and buy a Honda or Toyota.

  14. iQuack…

    I DID buy a Mazda3! But living in the heartland-gosh darnit-how nice would it have been to be driving something with a FORD badge on it that’s this good?

    I owned 2 previous Foci. Loved them. And I would have been happy to dish out a couple grand more for the new Euro version. (and that’s what I did, but had to go to Mazda)

    Economics? The company is going bankrupt. They need small quality cars. If people were willing to buy $40K SUV’s, do you think they’d buy a premium small car with almost the same room that’s way better on gas?


  15. Think of all the money Frod could save by just making the Mustang, Fusion and F150 pickups in the US.
    Import the Focus and Ka from Europe fro its small car line up, the Australian made Falcon and Fairlane for its large car line up.
    Ths current Focus should have been ditched years ago. The Eurpoean Mondeo should have been inported and saved Ford the design cost for the Fusion.
    I know it is easy saying this after teh fact but GM and Chrysler are seeing now the benefits of their forign companies products. WAKE UP FORD!

  16. iquack is right.

    Generally, in Europe they like their small cars nice.

    In the US, we prefer our small cars cheap.

    But if Audi can sell the A3 here, you’d think Ford could find a way to make it happen. The current Focus is what, 7 or 8 years old? Didn’t they learn anything from the death of the Taurus?

  17. If they just put the taillights from the convertible onto the 5 door hatches, viola, -instant- great looking car!
    They look good, other than the tailights where they are on the hatch. the convertible, althought I don’t like ’em, does look good, too.

    Just like Ford showed the Reflex,a concept the size(length) of the new Rio5 or Accent 3 door, but 0-60 in under 7 seconds(6.9? or was it 5.9?).
    Will they make it?
    It’s been months and months since the autoshows, and no word yet.

    Don’t get your hopes up on these cars, or reflex, ever getting to the USA, unless…..

    Maybe when the Chinese get here and(maybe) make knock offs of these, and sell them for 10-12K, loaded with leather!?

  18. Check the Ford of Mexico site. They Sell the Mondeo, Fusion,500 and Fiesta side by side. Why can’t they do that. Or better yet just give us the Fiesta, Focus II and Mondeo from the very begining. WTF is wrong with Ford?

  19. Check the Ford of Mexico site. They Sell the Mondeo, Fusion,500 and Fiesta side by side. Why can’t they do that. Or better yet just give us the Fiesta, Focus II and Mondeo from the very begining. WTF is wrong with Ford?

  20. Anonymous, the question is not just economics, but consumer demand. I think a $14,000 starter price is not a bad idea if premium compacts have sufficient demand. When C307 first went on the New Zealand market (and I believe the Australian one), C170 was sold alongside it as an entry-level model. When there’s a will, there’s a way, but Ford suffers frequently from a not-invented-here syndrome and US management balks at the idea of selling superior products if they are developed in Köln or Broadmeadows.
       Till that culture changes, which it might, I wouldn’t hold my breath for C307 or for the Falcon to appear Stateside.

  21. Anonymous above, about Ford of Mexico, Ford do Brasil has a similar approach. American, European and locally developed models such as the EcoSport can exist side by side. Ford of South Africa sells Falcon and Territory alongside Focus and Mondeo. Even Ford’s Chinese affiliates have a nice mix. It’s interesting that Ford has a global approach everywhere—except for North America. Which goes back to my point about the corporate culture.

  22. How long can the lose money on their NA operations is the questions. Right now the cash burn is at a pretty good clip.

  23. BRING THEM HERE! Have you been in a Ford Dealers parking lot lately?
    Not very much to see. The Euro Focus is just what the OVAL needs to succeed. they have no little car to compete with.

  24. Ford Mexico will start selling the european focus next december as a 2007 Model in this versions:Focus ST, Focus Ambient and Focus Sport. And ford Mexico stops selling the US’ focus. Ford Mexico sell this cars: Ka, Ikon(old fiesta), Fiesta, Focus (european), Mondeo, Fusion and 500. Most mexican people likes european cars rather than US cars. This is the reazon why ford bring us the european focus.

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