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At first it looks like a Ford logo..
But if you look at the license plate, it seems to include some Chinese characters.

Could it be an upcoming Chery? For the US????

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  1. i have no idea what that is but i want it. i love the style. it looks like something benz or bmw would put out, but hopefully it isnt. chinese characters??? is it possible it is a hyundai or a honda? that would be sick if it was a new version of the accord…… highly doubt it though

  2. The windows and mirrors on the car really remind me of the new civic. hmmm, is it possible that it would be something from HMC? it look like it could be a replacement for the rsx or the long awaited tsx coupe.

  3. The emblem on the car is oval, which definitely leads you to believe it could be a ford. If im not mistaken, doesnt hyundai have the same type of emblem?

  4. A very timid design from Giugiaro. Looks a bit like a used bar of soap until your eye moves to the C-pillar.

    This car is neither stunning nor repulsive, just anonymously attractive. Maybe with real headlight clusters and some grill detailing this will improve its appearance.

  5. Well, if it is ia chery, and rumors are they will match Hyudnai’s 10/100K warranties(plus it is a decetn vehicle, and priced lower than anyone else) I might have to look at one.

    I think it looks like whoever designed this, they saw the Ford Relex concept, and watered it down some(with the headlights).
    I agree. Do something with the headlights(at least for US market), and make it more interesting. If it is say like a tC or Tiburon in size, and HP, MPG… and price… I’d consider it.

  6. It actually is a Chery….

    Lokks a lot like a cross between a Fiat GrandePunto and an Alfa GT (both Giurgiaro as well), but definetly miles better than anything else from China….

    Once again a proof, that many good designs still come from italy..

  7. CHERY?! what the hell kind of name is that for a car company anyway. “oh u drive a chery? i drive a strawberry.” wtf. i pray that these cars never make it over here

  8. if it is akin to a tC, it had better be no more than 16K -totally loaded -with every feature imaginable!

  9. It was only a matter of time before one of the Chinese automakers went to Ital, just like Mazda went to Bertone in the early days of exporting.

  10. It IS a Chery. But the Chinese company will market its US & Canadian products under the name, “Visionary Vehicles.”

  11. I can’t wait for these makers(Chinese) to arrive! Too bad it will be at the end of 07, vs Jan 07, likee Mr Bricklin first promised(heard it was due to strict pollution controls for the U.S. that is slowing them down).

    I do not think these will be clunkers(like the G5 and Cobalt mis-aligned parts vehicles).

    Bring ’em on!
    I heard a rumor that Chery/VV is thinking of designing a hybrid, and it would undercut everyone by a few grand! Take that Toyota…. Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhh what a feeling…VV!

  12. I agree with the above. Bring ’em on. Competition is good for everyone. Anybody who r ‘praying’ for them not to come are just kidding themselves. After all, we are living, breathing, avocating capitalism, but some few here who dont want them, are just simply afraid. Protectionism doesnt help our economy.

  13. i disagree with above, who wants somebody to die in a crash in a chery when they could have lived had they been in a toyota

  14. One person said something akin to “Why drive a chery and die in a crash, when you could be in a Toyota(and survive)”!

    Where do you get this idea from?

    All makers HAVE to pass certain standards to sell a car(safety standards) in the USA. We have the toughest market to get inot, due to regulations for pollution, crash testing, etc.
    Show Me a link saying that anyone can sell any vehicle here without passing crash/pollution control testing of any kind, and I’ll believe you.

  15. Chery is just the English translation for the Chinese company QiRui. Early on Bricklin spoke about a coupe equipped V6 engine, 6-speed transmission, and all wheel drive; built to compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLK320 and BMW 330Ci with an anticipated MSRP: $25,000.00. In an 02-24-2005 interview with Bricklin, he said that he has a coupe designed by Bertone built to compete with the BMW 6 Series coupe that he would sell for under $25,000. This coupe would be equipped with a turbocharged V8 and will have an interior that would “make you feel you’d rather have it than the 6 Series.” I wonder if the B23 is the coupe Bricklin is talking about.

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