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The previous versuions of the type R were never sold in the US, so don’t hold your breath on this one…
Honda might even try to include their AWD system on this one. Not a bad idea when you squeeze as much power as you can out of a small engine.

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  1. That front end treatment looks so much better than the current one! The one that’s out now looks like its trying too hard to look radical. Maybe the mid cycle refresh will look like this.

  2. The Civic Type R is in Canadians’ hands already; they called it “Acura CSX”. Vince shouldn’t be too excited about AWD in this class, because the added weight and added components will damage performance in this class anyways. For example, even with 200 hp and a lot more torque, GTi still failed to outpace the last generation Civic Type R in tracks (in Top Gear track test, Civic Type R is more than a second faster!). And from A3 and TT’s experiences, R32 will not be much faster either.

  3. the acura csx and type r are not the same.. what are you smoking.. the csx shares the same engine as the one we have in the US.. they only difference is the exterior lights and it’s slightly more upscale.

  4. the US civic as a 1.8 liter that produces 140hp.. the csx has a 2.0 liter that produces 155hp, the same engine as the RSX.. know your facts people

  5. coupes are cool to look at but it’s a pain in the ass to get in the back seat… it’s good that they are making 4-door performance cars

  6. as much power as possible dont these only have 190 horsepower not that much the s2000 has 240, and their plenty more cars with 4’s and alot more power

  7. Forget 300hp, vince. Honda is not the “street race car” producer in 1990s anymore. Its eyes are set on family cars and near premium market (Like Volkswagen). Since most money are spent on developing next generation Acura and Mid-range lineups (MPVs and Accord-variance), I doubt Honda has any short term plans to develop low volume sport cars beside “Super car (NSX?)”. 197hp is all we going to get in Civic, live with it.

  8. This is the Canadian Acura CSX.
    1) better hp(the U.S. Civic)
    2) HID lights
    3) leather seats
    4) Paddle shifting steering wheel controls
    5) Diff. front and rear lights

    or google Honda of Canada

  9. Vince let me ask you a question, Why would Honda bring the Type-R over here when they comming out with the SI 4 door?
    You see how much you don’t think, the SI and the Type-R are the same cars, except in Europe like that and here in the U.S. we have SI.

  10. I can confirm the New type-R in Japan will have 250PS and will be based on the Civic Si chassis. I have some pics of a prototype.. and it looks a lot like the above pic. Pls wait until 2007…

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