Honda S2000 ?

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Could this be what the S2000 replacement will look like?

Or maybe a convertible based on the next Accord. They are talking about a coupe version of the next Euro Accord/Acura TSX.
Although the one pictured here seems to be a 2 seater…

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  1. OK, good to see honda thinking about a bigger convertible. Although the Solara/conv is now dead, the Accord could have done well with a convertible. Many people who couldn’t afford the BMW/MBZ and now Audi turned to the Solara or Sebring(ughh!) The nose looks like the Sport 4 concept from early this year. An Acura 4 seater coupe/convertible plus an S2000 sized roadster both with Honda versions is what the US needs. Not too mention a V8 and a Seqouia/Armada fighter. Redesigned Ridgline V8 just makes a lot of sense, not to mention a V8 RL. RWD ofcourse.

  2. It looks bland to my eyes… The design seems too clean.

    A sports car needs a bit more curves in my opinion.

    If I was Honda, I would have both the headlights and taillights working on LED lights. It would give the car Some technological look.

  3. Now only if Honda had the insight to put that front end on the new CR-V…. We would have a real successful and unique vehicle on our hands just like the new Civics!!! We can dream, can’t we???

  4. i definitely like it.

    If this is Honda, it looks good enough for me to be S2000.

    This isn’t an Accord or TSX. It only has two seats.

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