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This is one weird looking car.
The rear view is OK, but that front end is really something…

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  1. I think this thing is ugly–that “D” pillar is like the RAV4 that looks crappy, too.

    There’s another, upcoming compact JEEP called the Patriot that looks better IMO.

    Whether the Compass is “a true American SUV that any man will want to own” is unknown.

    My guess is that the CRV will be reviewed much more favorably than either of the compact JEEPs.

    Hondas are popular because they’re better than most of their competitors. Ask just about any Honda owner, not biased UAW sympathizers who don’t know excrement from peanut butter.

  2. the Patriot looks FAR better. it’s like a baby Cherokee but not “Trail Rated”. I’d actually consider one even though it seems like a chick car (the main demographic that Jeep is going after with these two soft-roaders, right?)

    what’s wrong with DC stylists lately? it’s like after the 300 they lost all abilities. the compass and the new sebring are just “ugh”.

  3. Douchebag Jones said…

    this is a true amercan suv that any man will want to own..
    unlike the crv

    all thos pussies who re dissing this peice of american machineriy will shit ther pants when they see this coming.
    i garantee you

    First of all, learn to spell.

    Secondly, put down the vodka.

    Thirdly, change the order of the first two.

    And finally, this car is ugly. No dissing because it’s American. It’s just ugly. But if you like it, fine. Just say so instead of resorting to your gutter-mouth comments.

    p.s. Go to hell, you waste of flesh.

  4. Now, back to the comments
    I also vote that this thing is ugly. If people want a vehicle that looks like jeep then buy a jeep. I do not think that the Compass will find a nitch in the car market. Time will tell.

  5. Wow, first the sebring and now this. 2 ugly vehicles in the same month. If is ashame, because Chrysler/Mercedes was on a pretty good roll with the 300 and magnum.
    Maybe the Challenger will save the day.

  6. well the rear looks pretty darn good, to bad you’ll be seeing the front in your rear view mirror as you drive by laughing at it.

  7. this car is UGLY it’s really not even a true SUV and is overall crap. there are many simple things, such as making the door handles the same color as the body of the car for example, that would improve this POS’ overall apperence…

  8. In some weird way, I kind of like the sleekness this has. But it has too much 300 happening on the side for me. I do like the Murano D pillar, though…when it’s on the Murano, LOL.

  9. There is a big problem with comments on Blogger right now.
    Some readers have been able to post under other people’s names.
    You just need to enter someone’s web page to be able to post a comment under their name.
    I think there has been about half a dozen people posting as Douchbag Jones lately.
    And others…
    I may just turn off all comments and keep the site as a “read only” page…

  10. “Someone’s traced your IP address as being the same as this Douchebag’s, and the evidence is there: one of your other blogs has the same layout as Douchebag Jones’ blog. Don’t think we are so stupid.”

    I’m just curious. How do you trace an IP address of a person who left comments on the blog, without accessing to the Blog server?

    And, I think the blog layout is just one of the many layouts from the layout templates- anyone can choose them.

    I’m not defending Douchbag Jones or Vince. Like you and many other people, I found Douchbag’s comments quite amusing and idotic. I can’t understand why people get totally upset by his comments???

    BTW, Vince, love your blog and please don’t turn off the comment feature :-}

  11. From a brand, corportate, and product/model-line planning perspective I still don’t get this car. It really is nothing more than a mildly(and that’s being generous) reworked Caliber. The Caliber is doing great for Dodge- and they are selling out of the the thing. Why are they taking away production capacity from that to product this “Jeep branded” version. Especially when the Patriot is coming in the pipeline?

    The Patriot is a much better differentiation job from the Caliber, and if Jeep really wants to expand their brand with going the soft-roader route this vehichle (the Patriot) is the way to do it, make it look like a Jeep but drive more like a car. Also that being said people will buy the Compass but they will more than likely be people who would have bought a Caliber or Patriot, and I fear that instead of just the Compass being a slow seller, it’ll look like both the Patriot and Compass are slow sellers instead of the Patriot being the success.

    This is really a product planning mistake, and platform sharing blunder.

  12. Jeep should have only produced the Patriot concept. It is alteast somewhat “Trail Rated”, moreso than the Compass (which is not at all) and more than most car-based tall-wagons.

    I was hoping that if there would be a Compass -like vehicle, it would be a hardcore rally vehicle, closer to the Lancer Evolution or the Impreza WRX STi, instead of an ugly looking wagon.

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