Korean Cow girls?

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  1. The car doesn’t look too bad but I still think of how earlier Daewoos fell apart. (Americans might cast their minds back on how the last Pontiac LeMans held up.) They all looked good when new, too.
       It will also be sold as a Holden, God help us.

  2. Vince, you do not have to post this, this is a FYI moment.
    It appears to myslef, my spouse and my brother in law(no, we have not been drinking, either)thjat the Cowgirl, on the driver’s side of thsi vehicle, is (maybe?) having a
    “Janet-Jackson-Costume-Malfunction” on the(her) bottom/left side!!!!

    Is this an R rated site now 😉
    or all 3 of us having the same hallucination?

  3. You must be all drunk.
    I can’t see anything.
    (I wish I did)

    Both girls look fully covered to me…

  4. Wait a minute. I see It!!

    But look again. It is just her hair!
    Her black hair forms a curved line under her top and makes it look like her breast is hanging out from under.

    If you are drunk when looking at it that is…

  5. mmmm, I love the Korean bbq…. so why not Korean cowgirls?

    Korean country music, I’ll pass on though…

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