Miata CC top and trunk space

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  1. I bet this sorta crushes Pontiac’s claim as being the only hartop under $30K, now, doesn’t it? I wish they just made a straight-up coupe version.

  2. This makes the packaging on the Pontiac G6 and Solstice Convertables look rediculous. GM should be blushing and embarrassed. There’s actually trunks space w/ the top down!

  3. The VW EOS isn’t out yet and you don’t know pricing. The Miata isn’t a 4 place convertable either.

  4. Leave it to stupid GM to make a convertible with virtually NO USABLE TRUNK : G6 Convertible…and the Sky/Solstice twins aren’t far behind. Good grief! When will they ever learn?? If you take some extra time and say “how can do this differently…so that it’s better than all the rest?” That’s how you beat the competition!!!

  5. “The VW EOS isn’t out yet and you don’t know pricing.”

    VW announced the EOS pricing weeks ago, and I posted it on this site. (look it up in the archives)

    It will start at $28 650.

  6. Mazda recently said on TV here that the trunk of this version is EXACTLY the same size as on the other versions.

    Now that’s amazing.

    The solstice’s gaz tank should have been molded AROUND the trunk not in the middle of it…

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