Miata Hardtop Convertible

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Just more pictures of the cool folding hardtop available on the Miata.
A great idea, but from some angles (bottom picture) it does look borderline strange…

The best part is: room for luggage! More than in any other CC model.

Or at least it looks like it…

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  1. Hardtop convertibles have weird proportions. Usually their rear decks are too long, and their tops are squarish and not flowing. This is no exception, and it wouldn’t intice me to get a Miata any more than the already great looks and handling of the convertible.

  2. Wonder what Mazda did to have their new hardtop-convertible ignored by almost every online car mag? Haven’t seen one word about it in R&T, C&D, MT or Automobile.

  3. Pontiac MAY have a “better thought out top” but they obviously didn’t think much about where to put it, in the trunk. With the Miata, you still have all the trunk space AND the folding hard top. Thats better thinking if you ask me.

  4. Don’t kid yourself… it’s not like this little car has a huge trunk. Miatas simply never have and this one doesn’t either. And unlike the G6, there is no back seat to stash anything.

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