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From the camouflage, it looks like a Toyota.
Besides that, I can’t tell what it is…
it does have 2 doors, so it isn’t the next Scion Xa. Maybe a 2 door hatch version of the next Corolla?

What is this?

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  1. Toyota is hungry very hungry for sales, world dominance ya know ! so i say it may be a revival of the tercel priced and sized a bit higher than the yaris, I found a slightly less camoed version of this same car click this lmao !

  2. in the picture, the gauge cluster looks like it’s on the side, opposed to the center like the xa.. so it’s probbal not the xa, i’m guessing it’s probably a 2 door corolla like vince mentioned

  3. I’d say 99 percent sure its a toyota cuz of the camo…and ur might be right on witht he corolla theory..if not then possibly a varant of the next matrix? somthing else…who knows

  4. Its not a US market car. It has fender mounted blinker. Probably a Renault or Pug or something. They do a lot of their high desert testing in the US.

  5. With the exception of the mirror, the shape is identical to the Euro Ford C-Max.

    Maybe a new US-modified 3-Door version? Or the Cali PAG designers are experimenting?

  6. I believe you are looking at a 2007 Honda CRX. I see elements from the Fit chasis, wheel base and usa front bumper. Lower roof line, doors looks like civic sedan. 5 bolt hubs from the civic powertrain. Fit/Civic CRX Si 197hp, lsd and under 2200 lbs. Where do I sign.

  7. I believe you are looking at a 2007 Honda CRX. I see elements from the Fit chasis, wheel base and usa front bumper. Lower roof line, doors looks like civic sedan. 5 bolt hubs from the civic powertrain. Fit/Civic CRX Si 197hp, lsd and under 2200 lbs. Where do I sign.

  8. You could be right, Sdcarnut. It’s hard to tell the size but it could either be a Tercel successor or a three-door Corolla, as Vince says. The cab-forward look does suggest a Toyota.

  9. I’ll just go on the record as saying that’s the worst camouflaged car in the history of mankind. They get that “stuff” from Wal-Mart? Jeebus.

  10. Its the new Corolla Hatchback, after like 20 years, theyre finally bringing it back to North America. Hopefully they will bring the Corolla Verso (6 passenger) as well

  11. When I saw Vince’s pic, I immediately envisioned a squareback like the old Geo Storm and Nissan Pulsar.

  12. The car was in the US.
    I don’t think the next metrix will have just 2 doors.
    And it is not the C30. Look at the small side window in front of the door.
    just like in the next Corolla hatch pictures we’ve seen before.

  13. Look at the little window in front of the big window. It’s obviously a budget-priced (black door handles) 2-door Prius.

    Toyota will save us all from global warming and peak oil. Praise Jesus!

  14. The cars’ shape, as well as exterior lines suggest it is the new Corolla, possibly a 2-door hatch variant . Then again, this may not be for the US market.

  15. Its the next tercel ! with the yaris starting at 11k and they toyota money hungry that they are will price the new corolla at 15-19k to keep up with the jones’s (civic) they will need a 13k car, and they aint gonna let a 13k corolla take it down market when they are trying to go way upmarket with the next corolla, soo as with other tercel models it will be based on the corolla but called something else, hence the tercel revival which has lots of charm/history in the usa ! I also would not be surprised if this is a 2 door coupe, seeing the cardboard c-pillar is so far off the body, and a raggedy back window camo! and no one currently makes a cheap 38mpg 2 door coupe after the echo died its all hatches and 4 doors coupe’s and there is a wide open niche for 2 door coupes, people like me who love a trunk and hate a hatchback !

  16. “Fender mounted side marker = not for US consumption.”

    There are US cars with side blinkers like the Dodge Neon, the Chevy Aveo, Infinit M, Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda MPV, Mazda Tribute, Mercury Mariner, Ford Escape… Just to name a few…

  17. Been doing some photo comparisons and the blogger who suggested it looks most like the European Ford C-Max seems to be the closest to any other spy photos, including any Toyota pics that are floating around. Check the precise shape of the small window and overall shape of the body. Only difference is it has 2 side doors. Mark Fields has been pushing FoMoCo design shops to hustle newer designs to market. Maybe this is one of them.

  18. I also think it’s a Toyota. They already make appliances, maybe they just realized there are other uses for the boxes the appliances are shipped in.

  19. This may be a 3 door c-max (next focus) but the window frame for the triangle window is slimmer, but all the rest of the hard points match the c-max click this one thing id like to know is what is that handle behind the rear glass i circled ?? its also missing the detail along the bottom of the door, and cant tell the mirror placement from the spy pic ( door or behind the triangle window) seeing that the cardboard is cut out around the mirror on the door, the door handles are the same, the blinker on the fender is the same area on both, fenders end at same point under door, spy car has normal tail lamps, c-max has volvo style rear lamps, also have not seen too much duct tape on toyotas spy shots, but the yellow fabric is there from toyota’s and ford could be trying to throw all of us off what do you all think ?

  20. After blowing up the pic and anlyzing it for a couple hours the mystery car is definatly a ford, and i think the rear tail lamps are tacked on and phoney, the front window glass is different shape hence the glass surround metal is thinner, the “a” pillar is same shape and profile of hood is the same, the read dead giveaway is the bottom of front fender, also the wheel arches are identical and i saw the black chin spoiler that is not covered on the spy car, yes its a tad lower but thats because its got american bumpers on it, also the sills are the same height on both cars compared to the centerline of the wheels …

  21. That is absolutely some slight variant of a 3-door Ford Fiesta – not the C-Max. Evidently Ford is contemplating introducing an entry-level car with tuner potential to compete with the Yaris, Fit and such while making room for the euro Focus to be better and more expensive. They’ll never do it, of course.

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