New Holden Commodore

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We won’t see this, but again, the platform will be used for the Camaro and more US cars.
So it is still interesting to see.
And it might just be good enough as it is as a Pontiac sedan. How about this as the next G6???

At least, for the 1st time in decades, the Holden is no longer an “Australian Opel”.

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  1. Vince, I followed the launch this morning in Melbourne and watched as this stuff hit the GM media room. Rumour has it that Bob Lutz is flying a couple of these over to your country. His thought: the Commodore SS as the next Grand Prix. But he needs to get it past division heads and UAW; the plans for Statesman to be the next Park Avenue were apparently shot down by Buick.

  2. The Pontiac G6 is actually better looking than these cars. If the taillamps were styled more like the Commodore’s, and it had some of the bumper treatment on the back, the G6 would be downright amazing looking, but right now I still think it is one of the best lookers…PUT THIS INTERIOR IN IT PLEASE..

    Although, Pontiac being the RWD division is the talk of the town.

  3. My mistake.. I meant the new Grand Prix, not the G6….

    I think the Statesman would be too close to the Lucerne in size and style to be a Buick.

  4. If this is sold in North America, it will be made in North America. Costs way to much to import from Australia. Price is real important for GM in this market. They sell few Grand Prixs for more than $20,000. If they have to add incentives here, they lose money on everything.

  5. These cars are nice looking but generic. There’s nothing new or exciting. The front ends look Japanese, the Statesman’s facia and the previous generation RL’s facia are identical. The rear of the Commodore and the Mitsubishi Galant are similar. The interiors are nice but nothing special. Its all been done. I wish GM would remember what worked in their glory days. Design. Originality. Quality.

  6. Commodore looks like a Lexus IS crossed with a Lincoln LS, with the exterior faults of neither.

    Doesn’t Pontiac plan to replace the Grand Prix moniker with “G8”? This car could be it, providing it actually looks like a Pontiac and not like the failed GTO did.

  7. I’m pretty sure this will end up as the next Impala. had spy photos of a future Chevy that matches the proportions of the new Commodore almost exactly.

  8. i agree with 2 comments here, one the interior needs to be more original though that center part by the shifter is a cool detail, and 2 this does look like a car that would compete with the is, g35, 3 series crowd. The overall desighn saids sports luxury sedan not g6, or grand prix, but this car was originally our catera and the opel omega which were both upscale cars so i guess thats why and does look like something from germany and japan i think this would be a good replacement for the 9-3 or 9-5 with a saab interior and a saab front and rear

  9. Hmmm…a Hyundai Sonata front end with Pontiac Grand Prix taillights. Okay. Nothing wrong with either designs, but this combination makes both look better.

  10. GM would have real success with this as the new pontiac grand prix or anywhere else in its lineup. My prediction is though that when GM finnaly gets around to bringing it over to the US, pigs will probably be able to fly and there will no longer be a need for cars to get around.

  11. Vince, you are right that Statesman is close size-wise to Lucerne, but I see it as being above that car, too, more like a Roadmaster than a Park Avenue.
       History repeats itself: in 1996, Buick and UAW shot down the chances of the 1997 VT Commodore making it there as a rear-wheel-drive sedan, probably replacing the Le Sabre.

  12. This car’s interior looks very much like a Volkswagen’s. If GM can bring this over here, it would do wonders.

  13. This is a handsome car. Sharp and understated. Exactly what the Pontiac brand isn’t known for… until recently anyway. This car would do sell like crazy if it were in the Pontiac showroom.

  14. Gday im an aussie and i agree the styling is pretty plain. However for a family saloon, the plain old commodore was as much a part of family life as a house to live in or a bed to sleep in. The major problem with this car however that it was planned when pump prices were 90c a litre, now they push almost 1.50 a litre and families are no longer wanting to spend 100 bucks just to fill up the family saloon. There was a period not that long ago where the commodore sold 50 000 units a year and was by far the biggest selling car in australia. But with more weight than the previous version, the same 4 speed auto, and ultimatley worse fuel consumption, this looks to be a flop for holden. A sad day indeed, if only holden was more versatile to changing global conditions….

  15. I am worried for the same reason, Anonymous. In New Zealand, I believe the Commodore does remain the top seller, ahead of the Toyota Corolla.

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