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It’s no secret, the CRX still has a big following in the US.
And many people have been waiting for Honda to come up with a new version of the inexpensive sporty 2 seater.

2 seats, a big trunk and great mileage is something that could still work in the 21st century.

Here is a illustration of what the next CRX could look like. But unlike the old days, this one might not be based on the Civic.
The Civic has grown is size and price over the years.
Instead we might see the new CRX based on the next version of the Fit.

Who wants one?

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  1. the styling reminds me of a porsche carrera. ne way, i think it is a pretty cool design and i would definitely consider buying it if they brought it back (of course, that all depends on the price and options)

  2. This is more my style. Economical and affordable. The Challenger that is due about the same time will be a mistake. The way the economy is headed, they will sell few V8 cars at all. The market will be in fuel efficient fun cars, like in Europe. At some point, shade tree mechanics will switch from speed to creating that 100 mpg homebuilt.

  3. I’d consider one, If they do the following:
    1) Make it a 3 door hatch.
    2) Give it more tha Fit-like HP(maybe Versa-like HP?).
    3) Keep it under 16K loaded.

  4. I like useful sporty cars, like mazda3, with 5 doors, or tC, or Tiburon(all can be had under 20K, and get in the 30+ MPOG range, and enough room for 4 people).

    That being said…..Just 3 door the current Fit, and maybe make it about Versa-like HP, at least.

  5. Ummm…I thought the new 3-door Civic was supposed to be the CRX. The original styling influence was already there—all Honda needed to do was slap a CRX badge on the taillight and the 3-door could pass as a modern-day CRX that people would actually recognize and say, “Oh yeah, I remember that.”

  6. I’ll be too busy driving the Hyundai Halo…which’ll probably be about the same as price CR-X. You’re hear more soon.

  7. haha looks like euro spec Civic combined with Porsche 911. I’ll gladly trade down from my v6 accord for this, given we get the 197hp engine. lol

  8. I want one! Actually, I had two that I bought new – both black Si’s, an ’88 and a ’91. I sold the ’88 when I went to work for Subaru-Isuzu Automotive (auto/truck plant), and bought thet ’91 as soon as I left. The arrival of our second daughter meant sadly saying goodbye to the CRX – however my daughters are now grown up 🙂

    So yes, I definitely want one – just not that one – too busy. The beauty of the CRX, especially the 2nd generation was the simplicity and purity of the design. The roofline always reminded me of a 911, albeit with a abrubt kamm-back, that was perfect. Honda could easily take the 2nd generation model, – bring the front end up to date a little, add all the required safety kit, and some additional horsepower (around 160-170 – about the same as a MINI Cooper S should do nicely), and perfect. Sign me up.

  9. What do the Dodge Viper, Corvette, Pontiac Solstice, Ford GT, and Mercedes SLR all have in common? They’re all “halo cars” — vehicles that single-handedly increase interest in a brand, boosting sales of all the vehicles a company makes. Now that it has established itself as a maker of quality, practical cars, Hyundai wants a piece of the halo car pie. According to the Detroit Free Press, the automaker is considering building a performance car to create an aura of excitement for the brand and draw more customers to its showrooms. The car would be more like a Pontiac Solstice than a Dodge Viper — priced around $25,000 and targeting midrange sports cars from American and Asian automakers. Currently, the automaker is trying to decide if it should use front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive, the report says. The latter would enable Hyundai to target such vehicles as the Nissan 350Z and Ford Mustang. John F. Krafcik, vice president for product development at the Korean automaker said he sees the Pontiac Solstice as one of the best examples of a successful halo car. He hopes Hyundai can emulate that success.

  10. Autohistory’s view of America’s automotive (near) future couldn’t be more wrong. When the Challenger comes out, Chrysler will sell every one it builds, especially since it’s a safe bet that there will be a V6 stablemate to the V8 version shown. It’s also a safe bet that both will probably have cylinder deactivation technology. The only threat to the V8s future is the increased smoothness and power of V6s, but V8 powered halo cars will always sell in this country. Not everyone wants some girly-looking 4-cylinder munchkin-mobile. Especially one that looks like the CRXcrement.

  11. Honda is not going to release a car that does not resemble their sprot compact king the crx! they will some what keep the 88-91 body style just smooth it out a little. If honda re-introduces the crx it will be aimed to re capture the sport compact market that drawing will not sell! it will be sooooooo different. something like the insight crossed with the original crx. I will bet you!

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