New Honda Stream

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Here are new pictures of the next Stream.
The one we might just be getting over here.

Whenever Honda decides they need something roomier than the CRV, but smaller than the Pilot…

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  1. As long as it arrives with a nice 2.0 engine, like in Japan, I will welcome it and perhaps buy one. Too many cars come to the USA with a bigger engine than they need, and poor fuel economy.

  2. It’s a nice enough station wagon with a great dashboard, but I just don’t like the steering wheels Honda puts in alomst everything new. Ick.

    I think I’d rather have the Mazda5 instead.

  3. They “need” something roomier than a CR-V but smaller than the Pilot? Why? Those two have just enough of a size difference between each other, and introducing the Stream into the US market would be a bad idea. Wagons don’t sell in the US, save for maybe BMW or Benz wagons.

  4. They “need” something roomier than a CR-V but smaller than the Pilot?

    All indications are the CRV is getting smaller in the next generation, widening the size gap between the 2.

    I also read somewhere within the last couple of days where a Honda official believes that there’s a whole between the CRV + Pilot.

  5. What is a Station Wagon, really?
    Is it this Honda Stream, due to it’s more “traditional wagon looks”?
    Is it the Kia Spectra5, that serves the same purpose, but looks less like a “traditional” Station Wagon(think Brady Bunch car).

    You tell me, please.

    because, in my family’s eyes, they are ALL station wagons, in basic shape.

    The only 2 vehicles with 5 doors that i have seen, that are car-based, that do Not look like a traditional, or any other variety, of “Station Wagon” are the outgoing Hyundai Elantra GT 5 door, and the Suzuki Reno.
    The Hyundai looks like a mini-Saab, and the Reno, from a distance, looks like a coupe, or sedan, to some, but not a “wagon”, despite the fact these have 5 doors, and similar function, they look different.

    Getting to be 5 doors, crossover, wagons remind me of SUV-mania from 90-05.
    Everyone had to have 12 models, and sell 1 car.

    Waaaay past old!

    How much more does it cost to design a Good Looking 5 door?

  6. Roomier than the CRV, smaller than the Pilot, and ugly to boot. And the tan color does nothing for the equally ugly interior.

  7. I would buy this car in a heart beat. I hate SUVs. I wouldn’t be caught dead driving one. This car is the perfect solution for me. Give it the Accord 2.4 engine and manual trans.

    If you don’t think there is a market for these check autoblog. Almost everyone is saying they are ready to buy this car right now with a bigger engine.

  8. The very similar Mazda5 is selling at or above MSRP. The dealers can’t keep them on the lot long enough. Honda would be stupid not to offer this car here.

  9. I thought the Mazda 5 was a dud in sales.

    Anyway, this Honda reminds me a lot of the Mazda Protege on the outside for some reason. I like how Honda is using black in its interior instead of that ugly dark gray that the Big 3 like to use. Seriously, how hard is it to have a black two-tone interior instead of a cheapo-looking gray one? I also like the new Honda steering wheel, though the rest of the interior design is too busy and radical for my tastes.

  10. that’s funny. usually existing model gets larger to make room for a new one taking its old place.

    isn’t the stream an existing minivan-like vehicle in other part of the world?

  11. There is no hole in Honda’s lineup between the CR-V and the Pilot. Honda’s lineup is pretty much ideal in terms of number of vehicles and size, wih the exception of the Ridgeline.

    People alwasy say “I’ll buy this car if they do X,Y and Z” to it. It also pisses me off when people say “Are you listening (automakers)?” No, they are not, they will not import a particular model just for you and fit it with AWD, and a turbo-charged bespoke straight-6 and a 6-speed manual all for less than $25K.

  12. looks great to me. bring it over here with Accord 2.4 engine and MT. Also an Accord station wagon will do good too.

  13. This is MUCH better looking than the new CR-V. Put in a good 5 or 6 speed MT and offer it will realtime AWD and there would be one in my driveway (second baby on the way!)

  14. The reason that Honda or other auto companies don’t sell these cars to Americans is relatively simple: these type of vehicles don’t sell at all. Think about it, these vehicles are selling at the price of domestic and Korean’s full size minivan and mid-size SUVs with V6 & AWD. Especially when Japaneses themselves price their full size minivan around 25k, there is no profit margin at all to get a vehicle below that range. Forget this “Stream”, think SUVs and Crossover, so you can pay more to auto industry and OPEC.

  15. i think there are a lot of buyers out there who like the versitility of a minivan but dislike the image or stigma that comes with owning one. Lots of these people bought an SUV instead, but now that we have finally found out that SUVs are wasteful hogs (it took us 15 years to understand that one…) the “crossover” will become more popular. I predict a huge decline in SUV and minivan sales. In fact, I think SUVs as we know them today will become about as popular as they were in the 80s – only those who truly go off road will buy ’em. The rest of the current SUV crowd may replace theirs with a crossover. Honda is wise to import the Stream as a competitor to Ford Edge, Saturn Outlook (and all the other GM derivatives), Mazda CX-9, DCX Pacifica…

  16. Looks like a chintzy Civic wagon with an Odyssey-esque dash. The whole thing smacks of Odyssey Lite. Wouldn’t this just cannibalize Odyssey sales here in the US?

    And American’s love their all-flat fold down second and third row, without those huge gaps between the rows.

  17. Vince, First off, I believe there really is a place for a 7 passenger vehicle just like this, made by Honda in Japan, for the U.S. market! If they can still build them in Japan and keep the price down without making it a bare bones model, this car will be a success here! Families all across the U.S. need affordable,economical,reliable and spacious cars for their kids and dogs to fit in with a sharp design and flair just like the new Stream! You can tell this design was conceived solely in Japan by it’s sharp looks! Too bad the new CR-V didn’t inheret the same good looks from it’s native country as well!!!!!

  18. OMG this car is so hot. Import this car. Give it a twin turbo inline 6 with AWD and a twin cluth 7 speed manual and price right for $15000 and i’ll all over that like stink on shit.Extra cudos if you build with with magic japanese monkeys in the foothills of mount Fuji. Are you listening Honda?

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