New Hyundai large SUV

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Just another shot of that large SUV that might end up being called Vera Cruz.
I must say it looks really nice.
With a 3.8 Liter V6 but a V8 option might be added later.

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  1. Vince,

    I smell Lexus RX. I guess it is monkey see-monkey do all over again. Whatever, I won’t buy a Korean car anyway.

  2. Great!

    just what America wants, an UGLY SUV.

    the new honda CRX, Mazda CX-7, and Lexus RX better sue hyundai for making such a blatant rip-off.

    I’ve seen the uncovered pics, it’s nothing special.

  3. Has a Lexus RX profile to it, no surprise here though. Hyundai has made almost an art out of mimicing Toyota’s style, and making it more Korean (weird) looking.

  4. The name will not be Vera Cruz…it will be Veracruz. It’s one word, not two…and its a port city in Mexico, just to let you know 😉

  5. “the new honda CRX, Mazda CX-7, and Lexus RX better sue hyundai for making such a blatant rip-off.”

    Yeah sure… the new Honda CRV isn’t even out yet, and Mazda CX-7 just came on the market. I’m sure Hyundai copied those :rolleyes:

    I have no idea how this is a RX330 rip-off

    The only resemblance I see is the existance of the spoiler at the top, which many other SUVs have.

    Looks thousand times better than nasty x3 and most big 3 SUVs. Oh well. Keep complaining. Hyundai will find plenty of buyers for this vehicle.

  6. “I won’t buy a Korean car anyway”

    It’s your money and certainly your prerogative but as the Korean makes are making great strides in engineering and quality you may want to consider at least test-driving one for comparison’s sake at the very least. An educated, enlightnened and open-minded consumer is the winner in today’s marketplace. Hyundai certainly has a stigma well-earned 15 or 20 years ago but every new model introduced pushes that stigma another 6 feet under. When nearly every automotive journal touts the Entourage the very best in class minivan you just have to ask yourself who’s in denial?

  7. Well, Hyundai’s CEO bribed everyone under the sun, and suddenly they’re at the top of JD Power survey and the golden-brand of every automotive publication. Please… We’ve all seen what most five year old Hyundais look like. And they aint pretty.

  8. All these people are just haters. There is no sense in what they are saying. This SUV doesn’t resemble the RX at ALL. If you’re going to flame at least pick something that actually looks like the car, thanks.

  9. This puppy is so close to the 2007 Honda CR-V in looks that they might share identical shape body panels without consumers even knowing!!! Come to think of it, they are both made in the U.S. now!!! Maybe we are actually looking at a twin to the new 2nd generation Honda Pilot since this ‘BEASTIE’ looks like the CR-V’s BIGGER Brother!!! AAHHHH, Honda and Hyundai… a marriage made in heaven!!!

  10. Korean presiden of the Hyundai Motor America is more concerned with golfing than the product.

    Hyundai is run by Koreans running around jibbering on their cell phones and issuing idiotic orders to save ‘face’ for someone over in Korea…it’s not pretty.

    Good thing the product is actually pretty darn solid, because the Koreans are idiots when it comes to doing the right thing for the product and the dealers.

    Pretty soon all the american staff in North America will be replaced with Korean staff and the brand will be back in the toilet like it was in the mid 90s when the Koreans came and took over.

    Buy Korean products that are produced in the USA.

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