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It has no name yet.
Except the ED code name. And it’s about the size of a Golf.

If we get the Rondo, we might actually get this one too.
Why not…

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  1. I think this should replace cerato/spectra. It seems to be based on the spectra, look at the a-pillar end the rear glass?!

  2. I only see abit of Mazda 3 in the side profile. Otherwise, its a damn good looking car. Better than the Mazda 3 albeit thats an older design.

  3. Well, think about it!
    The first attempt in the Mazda3 segment was the Kia Spectra5. This just takes it one step closer to it’s competition…the Mazda.

    Imitation is the sincerest form people…

  4. This probably performs better than the Mazda3 for a couple reasons: Hyundai makes better engines than Mazda, and the guy that tuned and designed the suspensions and chassis for Mazda now works for Kia…SO there you have it.

    NO, this car will not be sold in the US. Kia sells more cars in Europe than in the US, and this car is being made in the Czech Republic…so importing it stateside would make it really expensive.

  5. Difference between a Mazda3 loaded up and this is probably thousands of dollars, and a better warranty!
    Mazda3 we looked at in 2004 was about 20K, and it did not even have the upgrade(at the time) engine in it!
    You know Kia will cost less, and probably give ya more equiptment.

    Not to mention a Better Warranty.

  6. Anonymous, you’re right about the engineer that used to be with Mazda now with Kia.

    Although, I still believe IMO that the Mazda3 is the best or near the best (new Civic is it’s competition) in it’s class.

    Better engines though? Let’s not jump the gun yet.

  7. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Kia”

    From the reaction to the upcoming Kia ED (made for the European market) you would think that someone stole a first born, make that er…Mazda, Altima, Murano take your pick.

    What surprising is that this new Kia has a good looking well designed exterior and from the reaction Kia has gotten from their consumer clinics. I haven’t seen the interior of this rig yet but if the current redesigned interior of the Optima is any clue this one should be uber ergo in its design as well.

    Does the design styling seem derivative from other makes? It maybe but it is done well enough that everything looks pleasing at least to the eye.

    I suppose if Kia hits a home run with this model we’ll have those naysayers talking about how “lucky” they got with that one.

    This could be the pitch that Kia needs that moves them out of park and into overdrive!


  8. a copy of the mazda 3, the Koreans have no shame…..they are still selling cars here while they are threatening our country with an atomic bomb…..the bomb is probably made by kia/hyundai

  9. Hey, remember Mazda made cars for Kia at one time and they were sold in the US as Fords. Rememeber the Ford Festiva? It was built by Kia, which was using an old Mazda design, and sold as a Ford.

    And yea, that still doesn’t explain why Kia copied Mazda here.

  10. The name ED means European Dream. There is no word yet if the car is going anywhere else execpt from Europe. I’m going to the London Motorshow next Thursday. It wil take on the Nissan Almera, Toyota Corolla, ford Focus, VW Golf, Vauxhall Astra, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Dodge Caliber, Peugeot 307, citroen C4, Renault Megane so its got tough competition

  11. Hyundai makes better engines!? I’d love to see Hyundai do anything close to what Mazda has achieved with the rotary engine.

  12. LOOKS pretty darn good. But if they are going to start pricing their cars like Toyotas, Hondas, and VW’s, I don’t care if they start matching the equipment and specs, without a price advantage I’ll still with the tried and true.

  13. Yes, it’s another blatant Hyundai/Kia mash of stolen design cues. But once again, those cues have been assembled into a coherent whole, and in this case they’ve done so quite nicely. It’s frightening how quickly H/K is learning and implementing new ideas.

    And someone tell Daffy that there’s a North AND a South Korea, and that mentally Il only runs the north side.

  14. Mazda is a far better car then kia wheather it is in crash tests and engine horsepower. Alot of materials in mazdas are sourced from places such as were audi and bmw buy thier stuff. Thier inovative and always refreshing thier modles. I would like to see a kia have a bose sound system, navigation, trip computer, xenon headlights, auto climate control, and keyless entry and egnition and not to mention the fit and finish. How about the 5-speed auto transmition available. So kia sucks and copies mazda and they are not as dynamic and emaginative as mazda. They only refresh thier modles like never.

  15. ED won’t be coming to North America? Personally, I am glad it won’t come here.This is the “ED” I wanna see in USA…..'s a ton of info on this link/forum, too. One claims a V6 200HP(Amanti engine?)…. for this car, and 4.25 M length( think over almost 14 feet?).Anyhow….Gimme the Mustang knock-off, vs the Mazda3 knock off.take care/not offense.

  16. news story states that this car is for overseas only.Luckily, we can all still get the world class Cobalt, that Vince showed us month(s) ago 😉

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