New Lexus Crossover

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Lexus has been thinking about adding a new, “larger than RX” crossover to its line up.
It might be based on a version of the GS platform.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end up looking like this illustration. And more like the concept they showed us a couple of years ago.

Or maybe, this is just the new Highlander. Who knows…

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  1. I guess it would be sort of a R-class competitor, which is selling quite well here in northern NJ. Seems to be very popular with rich people who like versatility of mini-van, but hate the styling of it. (Or too proud to buy one)

    If they make this similar to the R-class, I think it will be a homerun for Lexus

  2. this is a illustration on what the car can look like. so for anyone doggin the car, please get a life. im really getting annoyed by such comments

  3. ZzZzZz…

    Wake me up when the new Acura MDX debuts. It should be a little more exciting than this blob of boredom.

  4. I can vouch that the R class is very popular in north jersey. Take a ride out to Garden State Plaza and you will see lots and lots of them.

  5. why get this when you can get a buick ofr[sic] less.

    Resale value.

  6. Hey Douchebag Jones, you heard the man. Stop doggin the car, because he’s getting really annoyed by such comments. Wouldn’t want to annoy a person of such astute design appreciation.

  7. Another Ugly Blob with big expensive tires. We have far too many of these “Beached Whales” on the road getting in the way.

  8. i really hope this isnt trying to compete with the R class because that car looks like a hurse, and is f**king UGLY

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