New Mitsubishi Minivan

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Mitsubishi is supposed to introduce a production version of the D5 Concept as soon as next year.
Let’s hope this makes it here.

But there is still a chance that Mitsubishi might withdraw from the US market.
I guess the next lancer has to be a hit or else…

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  1. Vince, I hope your wrong as far as Mitsu. leaving the U.S. market.
    They have some very interesting models coming about with in the very near future.
    -Colt (possible for U.S)
    -I Car
    -New Evo!!!

  2. Looks like a minivan that rear-ended a Hummer. If this is what we can expect from Mitsubishi perhaps they should withdraw from the US market.

  3. Some US Mitsu Exec mentioned that in a speech a few weeks ago.
    They need the Outlander to be a hit in the US as well as the Lancer.
    The iCar won’t be sold here. The Colt won’t be either….

  4. I do not know if they’ll make it.
    That Eclipse, as sharp as it looks, handles like an SUV.
    And 22K for a 4 cylinder?
    I have not seen one New eclipse on the streets, but the older,Smaller, last 2 generations? Yes… see many on the streets.
    People don’t want a sporty car, that handles (in parking lots, turns, etc, ) like an SUV.

    Maybe they should ask Hyundai how they did their turn around?

  5. omg, who let a Chrysler Town & Country, and an H3 make sweet, sweet love and produce this piece of crap?

    great it’s like The Omen, but instead of the anti-christ, it’s the fugly as sin van.

  6. I think this mini van design is way too radical for the American soccer moms to handle. Just look at the Nissan Quest…

    As far as Mistubishi exiting the US market- I don’t think Outlander and New Evo are gonna save the company, considering the competition from Toyota and Honda (I don’t think Outlander can compete with RAV4 and new CRV)..

    Personally, I think Mitsubishi needs a brand new Kick-Ass Galant (both in Quality and Design) in order to save the brand.

  7. this is the replacement for the aged mitsubishi L400 space gear… i dont think this van is meant for the US market but for the rest of the world. we need this van. the ancestor of this was the mitsubishi wagon in the late 80s. if mitsubishi should bring in a minivan, it should be based from the galant platform.

  8. this looks like a renault espace got hit head on with a h3, lol but i truly agree mitsu needs a sononta-camry killer to stay afloat ! not a clumsy suv or a doudy lancer… I mean think about it, Hyuandai is gonna sell more sonota’s then all of ford cars (focus,fusion,500,crown vic) combined this year if you dont include the mustang and thats a sad thing ! so mitsu needs a sonota killer to stay in usa, not a suv or small car that is way overpriced ( lancer) .

  9. Yeah, i gotta agree–this thing is uggglleeee.
    Mitsu seems to have lost it’s way. Maybe that problem isn’t reserved just for American car makers after all?

  10. Oh my God, When I first saw that picture I thought Honda finally went off the deep end and created a monster for the next generation Element!!! Then when I saw the Mitsubishi emblem, I laughed at my first assumption!!! Honda did just that with the next CR-V!!! Who knows, this thing could be closer to the 2nd generation Element in design than we know!!!

  11. the profile is too much similar to the defunct gm minivan trio of the 90s. “your shuttle awaits you, captain kirk.”

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