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With a V10!

It’ll probably be close to this illustration…

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  1. Looks alot like the HSC from awhile back, but a lot cleaner and better executed B pillar and back probably a photoshop job no? andy info on the source?

  2. very nice, lets see if Honda can shove in a 2nd row of seats so you can drive your jealous friends around town gloating about your v10.

  3. Does anyone really think that honda would spend money developing and setting up the means of producing a v-10 engine for 1 low volume car when they have no v-8 and could make use of a v-8 in multiple cars?

  4. Believe it. Honda’s President and CEO, Takeo Fukui, said in July 2005 that the NSX successor would be packing a V10.

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