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Not quite sure…
I thought the X trail was going to be replaced by the all new “smaller than Murano” SUV.
This doesn’t look like it.
Maybe they’ll have both. A car based one and a new more truck based X trail.

Why not…

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  1. …or maybe the wanted to make an uglier truck like box for american people to NOT buy (like the aramada and qx56?

  2. I don’t like Toyota either, but when it comes to Japanese uglyness…Nissan and Subaru are on a deadlock competition.
    Remember, I said Nissan’s design not their engine and nothing about Infinity. So I don’t to hear any ignorant complaining.

  3. The reverse kick to the rear side window looks great on a BMW and those cars that successfully copy BMWs, but on an SUV or wagon, I think that look is awful.

    The new RAV4 and Jeep Compass have this styling affectation and it looks lousy to me.

    The Caliber and Pontiac Vibe are better because the reversed pillar isn’t as large.

    Just my opinion, but some of these new styles with reverse-slanted windows are just too ugly.

  4. Perhap they wanted 3 small truck based suvs x-terra, pathfinder, x trail and 2 car based suvs murano and that smaller murano cuv, hell why not toyota has what like 12 suv-cuv’s ?

  5. Nissan recalling another 200,000 cars

    Nissan North America is recalling about 200,000 of the 2003 models of Altima and Sentra sedans that came with a 2.5-liter engine because a faulty sensor could make the engine die in stop-and-go traffic.

    The company doesn’t know exactly how many cars might be affected, but the Nashville-based automaker is recalling 186,279 Altimas and 14,587 Sentras to fix the problem.

    “It’s mainly in warm weather,” Nissan spokesman Tony Pearson said.

    “As long as there’s adequate air flow in the engine compartment, things are OK,” Pearson said. “But it mainly happens in hot weather, stop-and-go traffic, the engine compartment heats up to the point where the circuit is broken in that sensor.”

    The fix could involve replacing the sensor or reprogramming the car’s electronic control model, a central computer unit that controls much of a vehicle’s operation.

    Owners will be notified and asked to go to a dealer for repairs at no cost to them, according to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    The recall comes on the heels of the company’s announcement last month that about 97,000 2006 Altimas will be recalled to fix a problem with abnormal oil consumption. That recall also involves cars with a 2.5-liter engine.

  6. AAAHHHHH!!! Another ‘CONSPIRACY DESIGN’ to kill off the SUV segment altogether, as we know it!!! The Honda Element has finally met it’s match!!! Is there a secret contest for companies to design the most UGLY looking SUV they possibly can or what??? I wonder what the winner gets? One thing is for sure, consumers all over the world loose hands down!!!

  7. Nissan is right on with this design. Look at how plain and boaring this new 2007 GMC Acadia is. The current X-Trail is awesome to. The lights on the roof kick some serious a*s

  8. nissan is the best……incidetally, toyota has recalled more cars this year than ever in their history, their top execs. have been quoted on saying that the avalon is a “problematic” vehicle……very unsafe cars… their boastful coakiness, they tried to argue with the body in charge of safety about not including some safety features in their trucks. just google toyota problems and the like….you will see the light

  9. What Nissan needs to do with this car:

    1) Make some design modifications. I would take some of the NOTE design themes such as head lights and widow designs and apply it this design in a nice and round about way.

    2) Make it in Japan and sell here for a reasonable price.
    I think American consumers are tired of seeing Nissans made in Alabama, Tenn and Mexico. These seem to be areas where Nissan has fallen with quality.

  10. I believe I saw the same photo at another site and they said that it was the next Nissan X-Trail and it would debut next year in Japan.

  11. Looks nice, could use some slight modifications. Looks like an X-Terra replacement…it looks original and different, people will love it soon enough.

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