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The body is obviously from the current model, but the front is all new.
Is this a mule for the all new model due in a couple of years?
I hope so. A ‘facelift” would be kind of a let down.

The next Prius is supposed to get around 90 mpg.
Even if it gets “only” 70 or even 60 in real life driving, it would be great!

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  1. Hey, Vince. The Prius: The current model according to Edmunds .com,( says the 40,000 miles/2004 model(for long term, they will have it to 100,000 miles), best MPG was 50+ mpg, worst was in the 30’s.

    I personally know a lady who got one 2 years ago, and has over 38,000 miles.
    She said before the 25,000 miles mark, she “only” got 40-42 city, and 38 or so Hwy, so maybe 40 combined?
    After 25K miles, the mileage increased every tank of gas, it appeared.
    She had 52MPG once, and lowest (recently) was 48MPG, so about 50 MPG(only what , 10 mpg less than claimed?).
    That’s not bad.
    The 90 MPG, I read that somewhere recently.
    Forgot where, but I thought the mpg, it was almost 100 mpg(98?).
    Upper 90’s.
    We’ll see. Vince, I’m totally agree with you; 60-80 MPG…. yeah, I’d take that!

    take care/not offense.

  2. All new Prius is due next year (2007)… i’ve read it in a few articles where Toyota executives mention it will come out in 2007.

  3. This has the exact same front as the previous posting… I wonder if this is just a disguise for a new chassis for the Prius… but wouldn’t that cost Toyota billions and be pointless???

  4. Toyota dealerships are ripping people off on the Prius. We saw one today, and it said “Dealer Adjustment”, 2000 dollars!!!!!!!!!

    On edmunds, it mentions “what people are paying” vs msrp and delaers ivoice, and it appears they are paying 1K over MSRP.

    I read on on of the sites(, some Toyota Exec said they were getting complaints of price gouging on Priuses, and he said’ This is not Toyota’s policy, and dealerships should sell it at MSRP. If anyone has exnperineces of price gouging, please contact Toyota”. I just contacted them.

    Also, the dealership I went to had a “100 dollar gas card offer”. A test drive, and a gas card. No purchase necessary.
    Lemme tell ya what: we got a 20 dollars Shell card, and some odd hitng where you fill out surveys, and get products to try, and they give you 10 dollars at a time(send you a check) and you have 1 year to use (earn) your 100 dollar gas card!
    I called the place, cause it was 40 miles one way, and they said’ yes, you will get a 100 dollar shell gas card to use immedicately, this is not a trick”.

    Ummm, let’s just say when they tried the “hard sell” on us, the spouse told them to get our gas card, and we’ll be going, or calling Toyota, if no gas card”.

    Places like that make ya wanna buy a Hyundai/Kia/Suzuki/Mazda,Nissan, etc!

    Sorry to go off topic.If places are gouging the public with 60 mpg cars, what will happen if gas is 3+ per gallon next year, and Priuses hit 90-100 MPG? Anyone thinking MSRP’s being “Dealer Adjusted” for 3-5K, versus 1-2K now?
    Vince ya can post this if ya want, or not. Sorry.
    Take Care/Not Offense.

    PS: The Prius was not a bad car.

  5. Pointless? I hardly think taking one of the softest chassis on the market today and revamping it pointless. Besides, that would help explain the massive increase in fuel economy.

  6. Toyota dealers, like most dealers, are scumbags.
    Nothing new or specific to the brand.
    Go drive the car there but buy it on line. Like with cardirect or a similar company.

    Where do you live?

  7. Ok, um how is this OBVIOUSLY the same body style as the current model. Last time I checked the current Prius was a hatchback not a sedan….wow check your info

  8. Vince, I live alittle north west of Dayton OH. The dealership I went to was in Richmond IN area.

    We got a tC, and they were jerks in Farifield ,OH area, and that is “no haggle”, supposedly.

    Hyundai was about the best buying experience for us(once in Columbus, OH, and another in Centerville, OH). Problem with the Columbus one is it’s 110-120miles one way. They even paid off our 97 200sx, and gave us $$$$$$ over pay-off!!!!!!!!

    The other place gave us about 66-70% of the KBB for the 01 Tibby, whne we got our 04 Sonata.
    Guess the trip to columbus is worth the extra 1K on trade ins.
    Honda has the most arrogant salepersons, so we neevr bother anymore.
    Toyota is next, and GM/Ford as bad, becuase in the “country” areas(towns of 20K, or less, people) they have a virtual “lock” on the customers, many Buy Americna only(even if it is a S Korean made Aveo, lol ).
    Kia and Hyundai are about th best, and Mazda’s no bad when we checked stuff out before.
    Saem for VW. They are pushy(aren’t they all?) but nothing like the Big2 or Toyota/Honda.
    Chrysler, out of 3 dealerships, 3 differetn towns, only one said”you want to test drive something, you got to BUY IT FIRST!”
    The rest were great!
    Richmond has Huge Hyundai, Toyota dealerships, but are crooked on service(40 dollars to change oil?), I don’t think so.
    When the service mgr came out and got confrontational with us, that was it.

  9. What a horrible experience…
    Buying a car should be a good time, maybe even fun.
    These guys turn the whole thing into a nightmare.

    I helped a friend get a car last month. We ended up using
    Amazing service. And a price no dealers could match.
    But dealer experiences were also pretty bad.

  10. Anonymous said…

    Actually, the current Prius is a 4-door mid-size sedan which has a hatchback.

    Whatever, my point is this vehicle in the spyshot does NOT have the same body style as the current Prius

  11. Front end looks like that of the new Corolla … possible mule testing next-gen Prius hardware, or even a mule for a possible Corolla hybrid.

  12. Looking at the greenhouse, that is definitely a Prius.. but the front end is significantly different. Perhaps others here are confused because the cardboard camo looks like it is concealing a trunk, but that is probably hollow under there. Based on the other spy shot above, I do think that the delay in bringing out the new Corolla is due to it moving to the Prius/Scion tC platform (look at the wheelbase and doors for comparison) which would mean 2-3 inches more wheelbase and a much roomier interior.

  13. Wow, the next Prius looks exactly like the next Corolla, only bigger. Not only will it not get 90 mpg, it won’t even get 70.

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