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The small Scion, as well as the xB, is due for a new design sometime next year.
These illustrations show what it might look like.
I have to say it looks just a bit less original than the current model.
But also roomier.

The next xB will grow in size as well and get a 2.4 Liter from the Camry and tC.
The small xA is scheduled to get a larger 1.8 liter engine.

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  1. I like this! I think the current xA just looks so cheap looking compared to xC. This is a big step up in terms of design.

  2. the xA resembles the current chevy aveo in the lower picture. NOT a good thing. the front ain’t so hot either.

  3. resembles the fusion concept in the back. maybe we do have a chance of seeing the fusion being produced as a new tc or another scion model??

  4. I like this! I think the current xA just looks so cheap looking compared to xC. This is a big step up in terms of design.

    4:22 PM

    ahh ya lost me the ” xC ” never heard of that but perhaps that is what this will be named….

  5. I would consider this over the current Honda Fit assuming there is a drivers side seat height adjustment and the rear seats fold flat.

  6. just a reskin Yaris. another money making tool from toyota to dominate the small car market.

    let say there is 10 different models in this market, and each even market share, toyota will be getting 20% from the same car lol

    GM love to do the same thing,just that their crap dont sell

  7. someone on the another forum said we might get a ractis (an xa replacement) in ’08. there will be no ’07 model for the xa and the xb.

  8. If I were looking for a vehicle between say 15-16K (tops), MSRP, automatic….. I’d most likely buy the 3 door Rabbit, with the 150HP, 2.5 L 5 cylinder. Test drove one, and it is fast off line!
    I am betting under 8 seconds,(I drove the top model, 4 door…. with the “shift it yourself/automatic) and I bet ya shift it yourself, you could hit 7.5 seconds to 60(it felt closer to 7 seconds, since the torque kicks in so soon).

    Sure, ya lose maybe 3-4 MPG, but unbless this thing has 140HP, and 5 speed…..and can do 0-60 in under 8 seconds…(like the under 16K 3 door) forget it.

  9. well the 2-doors rabbit with automatic is around 16.6k (you might be able to get a few hundreds off msrp). the xa is not in the same class as rabbit. its competition is honda fit, nissan versa, kia rios etc. you can get a fully loaded auto xa with toyota quality for around 14k out the door (assuming you don’t get those silly options).

  10. Next to the refrigerator xB, the xA is a friggin beauty! Add some decent wheels, some sport springs and you have a nice all-around commuter. The next xA could simply be a rebadged 5-door Yaris. Cheers.

  11. I can’t believe some of you think that is better than the current xA. The current xA is fairly sporty looking for an economy car. That supposed next generation xA is plain ugly.

  12. Why is Toyota cross branding?

    If they’re not careful they might just “Jump the Shark”, trying to make the 2007 XA look like a Yaris or Matrix.

    IMO the Scion projects have been successful because they were not only different in design but in their distinct target market as well.

    Very few Car companies can actually acquire a car cult following, i.e., VW Beetle, Toyota pulled it off as a sub-division car company, in style if i may add.

    The way i see it, Scion just got through the 7th inning stretch & the bases are loaded.

    If you’re managing team Scion why would you signal to bunt when your batter can provide a grand slam to secure the game?


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