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Of course this is just an illustration.
But I bet the Sequoia will look pretty close to this.
A tough spot for Toyota in a shrinking part of the market…

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  1. The Grill looks way too big!!! The headlights look way too small!!! Is there a conspiracy throughout the automotive industry to make every SUV redesign as ugly as possible to kill off the entire segment????? It sure looks that way!!!

  2. That illustration so far reminds of the “Dodge Power Wagon” which turned out to be the Durango.
    This thing looks like the Dodge Max as well. Just when you thought Toyota was starting to be a bit less copycat, then the old ugly head shows up. I don’t care what any Toyota lovers may say, this thing is not original at all.

    Just get a blender put the Nissan trucks in it + add the Durango + the Nitro + then the PowerWagon. And voila! = This illustration.

  3. Well, if you say it looks derivitive, thats because it is, its a PHOTOCHOP.

    Full-size, body-on-frame SUVs are crap. If you need to tow 14 tons or whatever, get a honest-to-god pickup truck, if you need to carry 7 people, get a minivan. I have never meet anybody who needed to do both often enough to justify buying one of these bricks.

  4. I certainly hope it runs on happy thoughts, bunny farts and pink lemonade, or this won’t be very good for Toyota’s Mother-Earth-Loving-We’re-Going-To-Save-The-Whole-Wide-World image.

  5. Vince, you bet the Sequoia will look close to this, with those tiny headlights and disproportionate grill? What sort of reasoning makes you say that?

    The side might be close to what the next model looks like, simply because it has some of Toyota’s new styling DNA.

    This is the same illustration that has been around for months now, and has already been proven to be a shameless photochop of the new Tundra.

    Yes, the full size SUV market is shrinking, but it will eventually stabilize, and that doesn’t mean that Toyota can’t grab a larger share of that market. The difference here is that American automakers rely on truck and SUV sales for profit, where as for Toyota, full size truck and SUV sales are just icing on the cake profit-wise.

  6. “This is the same illustration that has been around for months now, and has already been proven to be a shameless photochop of the new Tundra. “

    Well.. That’s pretty much wnat the Sequoia is anyway.
    A four door Tundra with a top. So I guess this is pretty close.

  7. “Anonymous said…

    Put that front grill on the ’07 CRV and you’ve got a winner!”

    LOL. Goofy-big grill with crazy-eyed headlights, woo hoo!!!

  8. But he’s right though about that CR-V grill, I mean what motivates any designer to come up with something like that? Where is the inspiration? The more I try to make sense of it the more mad I get. I am surprise that no one hasn’t say anything about the back as well, what is that big open V that makes look like the Odyssey?
    It looks like Honda is getting better at designing sides and angles, but not front and back.
    I think so far the Civic (coupe), the S2000, and the Odyssey are the best designs Honda ever came up with.

  9. OMG…..WHAT DID TOYOTA DO TO MY FUTURE TRUCK!!!!! That mess is hideous, and very very UGLY! I believe if them made the new Sequoia look like that i’d CRY! Please Toyota FIX UP THE SEQUOIA!!!

  10. That’s really ugly…i’m disappointed in TOYOTA….just when i thought they were orgianals…THEY LET ME DOWN!

  11. This is it. Its over. SUV’s of our future have gone DOWN THE DRAIN! Every redeisign screws it up. Lets start. This Sequoia has the in your face dodge grille which sucks. The Durango just sucks. THe new Navigator has a big ass in your face overchromed grille. The Escalade is just stupid along with the Yukons with the damn headlights behing the grille face crap. The Porsche Cayenne looks like a frog. Screw you SUV buyers, im buying a Pick up and putting seats in the bed, goodbye SUV crap

  12. Ok…you guys need to relax. I am sure that it will compete nicely with the ’07 Nissan Armada. You guys are full of it…I can’t see anything wrong with this prototype. It’s all business- Toyota sees that Nissan is making good sales with their Armada so they have to come out with something quasi-better. Personally, I think it looks different; not necesarilly a bad thing.

    Stop knocking out the new Sequoia – it looks fine!!

  13. This is the new version of Sequoia, get use to it people!!! It’s not logical to make fun of our own artificial technology.

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