Nissan lavina Geniss

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Not as good looking as the sketches released earlier, of course.
I guess this would go against the new Honda Stream.

It comes out in China first. So Europe might get it. And maybe us?
The Stream does look much more modern than this.
Funny how just a couple of years ago, Nissans were the modern ones and Hondas were super conservative…

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  1. DUH honda is better. That’s a big surprise. ne way can u please post something new since nobody seems to care about this cause i’m the only comment..

  2. You have got to love Nissan, as Toyota is getting deeper and deeper into trouble, Nissan keeps plugging away with one car better than the next. What Toyota trouble you ask? Toyota has recalled more vehicles than any other company in ’06….Yes! 2.7 million this past year. and recently, The Japanese government in a very rare public scolding has told Toyota to clean up their recall practices and follow up properly on the criminal investigation into a 2004 accident. Yes Toyota , up until now, has had a good reputation, but maybe now it has all caught up with them! Maybe they are not as good as they want you to think

  3. A very nice car! especially in actual this car is very nice to look at, unlike the honduh stream w/c after a while gets wearisome to look at.

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