Porsche 911 Targa

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More pictures of what some described earlier as a mid life crisis car.
I just think it is one of the best looking version of a classic, timeless and classy design.
Good at any age…

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  1. People use this as an excuse for not being rich enough to be able to afford one.

    Everybody wants to be driving a red corvette convertible (the sugar dady’s car par excellence)when their hair turns gray.

  2. How many teenagers, or people under 30s, can afford new cars, don’t even start to ask 80,000 ones? Everyone should appreciate those hard working, intelligence, and experienced drivers who can pay for it without asking its price!

  3. Just another Porsche. They should do something different than making all their cars looking the same except their SUV.

  4. This is one sweet looking ride and a blast to drive. If you’ve never experienced a 911 full open throttle on the autobahn all I can say is what a rush!


  5. The Porsche 911 Targa may be a poor substitute for an erect penis, but it’s still a steaming hot load of fun (and there’s Viagra for “the problem”).

    A Porsche is a helluva lot more fun and far more manly than an SUV. SUVs are for small-dicked and small-minded Republican cavemen who still roam the streets of America in search of another country to invade for its oil.

    Time to grow up and time to evolve.

  6. Blech. I guess this is how to make a classic design look boring.

    “Anonymous said…

    Time to grow up and time to evolve.”

    Doctor Fashionably PC, heal thyself.

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