Porsche Panamera

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I hope the production model has better proportions than this illustrations…

The 4 door Porsche will be available with a few engines. Including a V8 and a V10. And they are also talking about a V8 Hybrid.
The car should start at around 135 000 Euros in Europe.

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  1. But Aston Martin is position Rapide(?)as the top of the range saloon. Which set that car competes with Ferrari Scag and Bentley GT/ Flying Spur. On the other hand, Porsche position its four door coupe to compete with Audi S8, BMW 760i and Mercedes-Benz S63, which will make it a lot more affordable.

  2. MKK,
    The Panamera is supposed to compete wit hthe CLS and Aston Martin rapide, if it see production. BMW is musing over a similar vehicle, likewise Audi.

    Oh yeah, it better look nice than that, otherwise Porshe will be in for a surprise…

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