S Class limousine

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When the regular S class is too small.
And when a stretched Town Car is too cheap…

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  1. Limosines are the gaudy ride of high school teens going to a prom. Anyone with good taste would simply have a driver and sedan.

  2. That is so tacky. Those horrid new S-class multi-spoke wheels make the car look like some Jackie Chan/Malayasian mobster car

  3. Who would want a Maybach that’s based on a platform that’s what…2 generations old now and doesn’t look half as nice?

  4. hey, Hey, HEY~! Donald Trump rides in a full-size stretch limo all the time.

    “The Donald” isn’t known for having good taste, just for having lots of money.

    This car is a rediculous as Trump’s hair.

  5. 8oO said…

    This is just emulating another goofy German design: the dachsund..

    Granted this is a poor design execution, but “goofy” is how you explain this? The dachsund was designed and bred to ferret out vermin from narrow holes. And the design worked.

    How does or doesn’t the Mercedes limosine compare to a dachsund? I’d love to see your reasoning.

  6. Limousine cars are exotic cars.When you are going somewhere by this car you have pleasure.It is comfortable,beautiful and exotic car.

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