Super Accord

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The regular Accord is too boring for you?
Why don’t you spend a fortune on it and make it a bit more original (In a bad way…)

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  1. So honda spends billions of dollars developing a vehicle. Thousands of dollars worth or labor and natural resources building it.

    So some freaking no-taste moron goes and ruins it by doing this. And as a bonus, it’s totally not roadworthy now. There should be a law against being this stupid. This guys should be in the same jail as the loser who wrecked the Enzo.

  2. Guys guys guys, hold on a second…is this person spending your money? NO. Is he using your time and efforts and resources? NO. So what the heck is everyone complaining about? He did the car up to his taste, and there si NOTHING wrong with that! Gees! If it makes him happy then so freaking be it! It is SOOOO annoying when people want to be all judgemental about personal tastes and choices!!!

    Anyway…that is one FUGLY ride! WOW…too much time and money than sense!

  3. I’d rather see crazy stuff like this than yet another normal commuter car on the road.

    This stuff’s fun!

  4. I bet it only goes 25 miles an hour with that messed up back wheel, and the fact its almost touching the ground.

  5. Hello all you people that think this is real…including you Vince. IT’s A PHOTOSHOP! You know, a picture that has been digitally alterred?? It’s not real!!!

  6. I always love it when im behind one of these and they all of a sudden slam there brakes on for a very very small dip in the road and ya about rear end them, thats always so much fun ! and most these cars here in so cal look so beat up within weeks of there massive investment, then they never fix them ( scrapes, cracked fiberglass and such ) most the time ya see them with primer only and real bad bondo jobs (yawn) !

  7. It’s not a photoshop, images of this and other cars have been circulating the forums recently…from or something. Apparently this is a trend in the Middle East. To the ppl commenting about the rear wheel its on airbags so the car can be raised and lowered as needed.

    Too wild for my taste but i gotta say it is interesting seeing these cars.

  8. I am just laughing my head off at that rear door!

    You need 3 extra parking spots just to open it!

  9. First off, this is a public thread. The image is here to illicit a response. Yes he spent his own money on this car. Yes it’s his right to do whatever he wants. So? He’s an idiot, and his vehicle reflects how much of an idiot he is.

    Also, what is our business, is the fact that these cars are barely roadworthy. They can’t stop properly, they can’t turn properly, the lighting never works and they are almost never maintained.

  10. Well, as the owner of a current generation Honda Accord I don’t approve of the way some degenerate butched what had been a nice car.

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  12. For who said: this is PHOTOSHOP!!please check this link…This is an Arabian web site.. maybe you will not understand what they write.. but the Important thing is the real pictures =)

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