Volvo C30

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As expected, a 3 door hatch version of the S40 sedan.

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  1. Not completely underwhelming…Looks a lot like the S40, not a great thing, not a bad thing. I’m not a big fan of the one piece center dash that seems to tongue out to the shifter. Overall a so-so design. I was hoping that Volvo would add a little panache…but oh well

  2. ^ yeah it does look too much like the S40. It looks like it has a huge face and a small body. Kind of strange, but I do like the unique profile.

  3. I would look at this, but my guess it that this will be price like a VW GTi: $ 21-23k. But I hope it is more like 19-22k, however i don’t think Volvo wants to insult
    its “other buyers”.

  4. Looks great…but a friend of mine has the S40 wagon and it’s very tight inside. My Civic Si hatch has MUCH more interior room. I guess if you don’t need any space inside…

  5. i was surprised at the shallowness of the cargo area of the V50! I have a pontiac vibe and thought the cargo hold in my car was taller and deeper than the one inthe volvo. once i noticed that, i didn’t bother to sit in it 😉

  6. Its pretty unique, especially the view from the back. I am glad smaller cars are catching on in the US, I would definitely consider this one.

  7. Hot little car. It’s nice that there will be another option other than the GTI (love it) or the SI (lukewarm to it.) Volvo is on a roll lately with their designs and they’ve managed to combine sportiness and sophistication to the C30. When I visit my parents, I look forward to driving their S40-T5. It really moves. I’m 6′ and have no problem with space in the front seats. I assume that the same options will be available for the C30. And since it’s going to be lighter, the driving dynamics will likely be even better than the S40. Kudos to Volvo!

  8. A bit dull, yes.
    But it still has much more style than the A3.
    And mught just be a little bit more reliable too.

  9. This sexy volvo makes the A3 look so 20th century. You would have to be an idiot to buy an A3 with this on the market.

  10. Agree, who would have thought Volvo much more stylish than audi! This is the best looking small car on the market right now, except for mazda maybe.

  11. Very reminiscent of the 1800 ES and the 480 ES—which is what I expected. Volvo stays true to its tradition, but in an updated, Horbury-inspired sort of way.

  12. Wow. I’m surprised to read that the majority of you would take this over an A3. To me the Audi is superior in design (exterior and interior)and probably a more rewarding drive. Plus-isn’t the resale on an Audi better than Volvo? I know neither are that great…

  13. Agree with most of you and specially the comment on “the A3 look so 20th century”
    We can start a complete discussion on pricing, resale, tech data… but the true… C30 is HOT!!!!!!

  14. I’d guess that the designers were stoned when they were working on the exterior.

    Inside looks very nice, though. And that color scheme is probably easier on the eyes during “recovery”.

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