Volvo C30

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  1. This car reminds me of a 1988 red hatchback civic SI. It was THE car to have and it sold like HOT cakes.

    Let’s just hope Volvo can sell a cheap version of this car…

  2. This thing is sweeeet! I also don’t think it should be too cheap. If Volvo can offer a fully loaded version of this at around $27-29k, it’ll be a hit. This seems about right, with a fully loaded S40 coming in at 33k. The threshold should not be above $30k. Since it is an upscale brand it doesn’t need to be priced in-line with the GTI or Civic. Whatever they do, they should offer it as AWD… standard if they want to keep the average price higher.

  3. Great design. I like it a lot.

    The angle and the flatness of the rear hatchback does remind me of the old Gremlin…

  4. Is it just me or something else? Why Volvo designers r as lazy as Ferrari or Porsche? They dont have a good tradition of styles as those two, yet every volvo shares the same boring designs.

  5. MKK… it’s just you. How can you say, it’s a boring design? no really… what’s wrong? The car looks really great

  6. MKK

    The style of the C30 is consistent with the current Volvo design theme. You might not care for the style, but current Volvos have won many design awards and helped the brands resurgence. Unfortunately, if you don’t like the current look, you’ll be seeing it for a while. For me, I think they’re stunning.

  7. The flat panel center stack would look nice if the rest of the interior was just as modern. Instead, it looks out of place because the air vents, dashboard, and door panels still look like designs from the late 1990s/early 2000s.

  8. Phil, that was lame. Would something like the clumsy, superfluously styled Civic interior make you happy? This design is clean and makes good use of unique materials. Like a good Scandinavian.

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