VW Tiguan

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That’s the official name of the upcoming Golf/Rabbit based SUV.

And that is also an official sketch.

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  1. it’s ok, if ya like suv’s.
    I see they probably will spend very little on design…. take the Rabbit, add flared fenders, and call it an suv!
    Maybe add awd as an option. Wow….
    amazing, lol I think they may have seen the upcoming sx4, by Suzuki, and decided they could do an

  2. You’re right,that red one looks pretty realistic.
    Sorry, no Flash on the site.
    I want to keep it as simple, familiar and easy to update as possible….

  3. I agree, no flash. I visit this site on my cell phone (Sidekick 3) and the layout is perfect already, no need to louse it up. 😉

  4. Take a look at this link, pay close attention to the right middle part of the page.Ps- Vince, I think it would be a nice idea to update your site in flash or something a little bit more up to date if possible….cheers!

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